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Kwara State Commissioner's Article On 'Returned Glory' Draws Critics: A Closer Look At The Realities

By Buoye David Olusegun

The recent article by the Kwara State Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development Dr. Segun Ogunsola, titled "Floating Over Ten Industries: How Gov AbdulRazaq Returned The Lost Glory Of Kwara" has sparked a wave of disbelief and frustration among the people who have actually witnessed the true glory of Kwara. It is truly astonishing how the current administration tries to paint a rosy picture of their achievements while disregarding the realities on the ground.

To claim that the lost glory of Kwara has been returned is a slap in the face to those of us who remember the industrialized Kwara of the past. We recall the days when companies like Philip Morris, Tate and Lyle, Matchco, Sugar Company, Paper Mail, Paper Converter, Kwara Furniture, and Eagle Rice were thriving, and when Kwara proudly supplied Lagos State with eggs on a daily basis. These were the true symbols of Kwara's glory, and to suggest that it has been restored is nothing short of insulting.

Let us not forget the remarkable infrastructure developments that took place in Kwara during that golden era. The construction of the stadium within a span of three years and the establishment of the Adéwọlé Housing Estate were testament to the commitment and vision of past administrations. These achievements contributed significantly to the development and progress of Kwara. Can the current administration boast of any comparable infrastructural accomplishments?

It is particularly disheartening to see the cargo terminal, which had such great potential for economic growth, being transformed into tailoring shops. The cargo terminal was not meant to be a casual enterprise; it had a specific purpose. I personally submitted a proposal to the government suggesting the utilization of the terminal for the production and exportation of vegetables and agricultural products. This could have created thousands of employment opportunities for our youth and propelled Kwara's agricultural sector to new heights. Instead, we are celebrating the creation of a mere 300 jobs. Is this a return of glory or a reflection of shame?

Let us not forget the impressive track record of the late Governor Lawal, who in just four years delivered numerous significant projects, including the estate. We cannot overlook the fact that it has taken almost five years for the current administration to even commission a single project. This speaks volumes about their competence and dedication to serving the people of Kwara.

In conclusion, it is deeply disappointing to see the current administration painting a false picture of their achievements while ignoring the realities that surround us. The lost glory of Kwara is far from being restored, and it is time for the government to wake up to this harsh truth. We need leadership that is committed to genuine progress and development, not empty rhetoric and misguided celebrations of insignificant accomplishments. The people of Kwara deserve better.

Article written by Buoye David Olusegun, a concerned citizen of Kwara State.

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