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Godfatherism Is The Root Cause Of Kwara's Underdevelopment

A legal practitioner and women right activist, Barr. Titilope Anifowoshe, has described godfatherism as the root cause of underdevelopment of Kwara state. 

Anifowoshe, a former state publicity secretary of the Young People's Party (YPP) said the menace of godfatherism has stunted the growth and progress of the state since the state's creation.

According to Anifowoshe, Kwara's history has been marred by the stifling grip of godfatherism, which has significantly contributed to the state's lapse in progressiveness. 

She pointed out that the upcoming transition of power presents a crucial opportunity for Kwara to break free from the shackles of absolute godfatherism. 

"The smooth and transparent succession process, devoid of undue influence, will be a critical determinant of Kwara’s future trajectory," she said.

Kwara State's political journey has been significantly shaped by the influence of political godfatherism, with the Saraki family historically dominating its landscape, until recent times when efforts towards more inclusive governance and the weakening of such entrenched powers have begun to redefine its political narrative.

In 2019, Kwara broke free from the shackles of godfatherism through the Otoge Political revolution which uprooted the Saraki dynasty completely out of the Kwara political firmament.

"O to ge" is a Yoruba phrase meaning "Enough is Enough." In the context of Kwara State's political landscape, it became a rallying cry for change during the 2019 elections, symbolizing the electorate's desire to end the longstanding dominance of the Saraki political dynasty and push for a new era of governance focused on inclusivity and development.

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