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Senator Saliu Mustapha: Making Strides in Constituency Development and Agricultural Legislation

Since assuming office as the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District in 2023, Senator Saliu Mustapha has made significant achievements in his efforts to develop his constituency and promote agricultural legislation in Nigeria. From the establishment of constituency offices to sponsoring key bills as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Mustapha has shown dedication to improving the lives of his constituents and fostering agricultural development.

One of Senator Mustapha's notable accomplishments is the establishment of four constituency offices, one in each Local Government Area of Kwara state. This unprecedented move has allowed the Senator and his team to have a firsthand understanding of the needs and concerns of the constituency. Furthermore, it has provided constituents with easier access to reach the Senator, fostering a closer relationship between him and the people he represents.

To further enhance his constituents' representation, Senator Mustapha appointed over 50 Legislative Aides who act as representatives in their respective wards. This initiative has brought the Senator closer to the people, enabling the aides to interact with constituents and provide timely feedback to the Senator. This ensures that the concerns and voices of the constituents are heard and addressed promptly.

In addition to the establishment of constituency offices and the appointment of Legislative Aides, Senator Mustapha organized the first-ever Kwara Central Community Youth Leadership Summit. Held at the Micheal Imodu Institute of Labour Studies, this summit aimed to empower and inspire youth in community leadership roles. By providing capacity-building and a leadership retreat, Senator Mustapha encouraged the youth to become effective leaders within their communities.

Infrastructure development has also been a priority for Senator Mustapha. One notable project he led is the completion of the Oko-Olowo Stepdown project. In response to a request from the joint association of the affected communities, the Senator committed a multimillion Naira fund to ensure the project's completion. As a result, about 35 communities in Ilorin West and South LGAs now enjoy an average of eight hours of electricity per day, a significant improvement compared to the previous four hours per week.

Another infrastructure project facilitated by Senator Mustapha is the construction of a 200-million-naira road project from the front of Al-Hikma University to Onimalu in Oke-Foma area of Ilorin West. This road not only alleviates traffic congestion on the Adeta-Oloje road but also provides a shortcut for people coming from Mandate market and connects to Oke-Foma, Ogundele, and other areas.

Recognizing the impact of federal government policies, such as fuel subsidy adjustments, on the constituents, Senator Mustapha allocated a 150-million-naira palliative support for the district. This comprehensive support included the distribution of thousands of bags of rice, chicken, and other food items to alleviate the burden on his constituents.

To address security concerns, Senator Mustapha distributed over 1,000 solar panels across the 52 wards of his district. These strategically placed solar panels enhance security in the communities while also serving as a source of power for major assemblies, promoting social interactions within the community.

Furthermore, Senator Mustapha prioritized providing clean water to his constituents. He initiated the distribution of solar-powered boreholes, with three already completed and in use in Ilorin East and South. These boreholes ensure that communities have access to clean and safe drinking water, thereby improving their overall well-being.

In addition to his accomplishments in constituency development, Senator Mustapha has made significant contributions to legislation as the chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. He sponsored several bills that directly impact the agricultural sector and rural development in Nigeria.

One of the bills sponsored by Senator Mustapha is the Electronics Transaction Bill 2023 (SB. 94). This bill aims to establish a legal and regulatory framework for conducting electronic transactions, protecting the rights of consumers and facilitating electronic commerce in Nigeria.

The National Food Reserve Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2023 (SB 139), is another bill sponsored by Senator Mustapha. This bill aims to develop the agricultural sector further by ensuring national food security and income through marketing and storage services. It also addresses emergency food crises and establishes the National Food Reserve Agency to implement the National Food Reserve policy.

Additionally, Senator Mustapha sponsored the National Agricultural Land Development Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023 (SB 225). This amendment proposes to relocate the National Agricultural Land Development Authority under the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security to enhance its effectiveness and coordination.

Furthermore, Senator Mustapha sponsored the Cassava Flour (Mandatory Inclusion into Flour Production) Bill, 2023 (SB 254). This bill seeks to provide a legal and regulatory framework for the mandatory inclusion of cassava flour into edible flour production in Nigeria. It aims to incentivize cassava farming and create a sustainable market for cassava flour.

Senator Saliu Mustapha's achievements since assuming office as the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District in 2023 have been commendable. His dedication to constituency development is evident in the establishment of constituency offices, the appointment of Legislative Aides, and infrastructure projects that have improved the lives of his constituents. Additionally, his legislative contributions demonstrate his commitment to promoting agricultural development and addressing crucial issues in Nigeria. Senator Mustapha's comprehensive and standard approach to governing sets an example for other representatives, showcasing the positive impact they can make on their constituents and the nation as a whole.

Story written by Hammed Adedayo Said, A media consultant and Public Affairs Analyst. 

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