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Ayra Starr Under Fire For ‘Disrespecting’ KSA At Public Event

...Ayra Starr apologises for ‘unintentional’ disrespect of KSA

Singer Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe, popularly known as Ayra Starr, has come under fire for allegedly disrespecting King of Juju music, Sunny Ade at an event.

Ayra Starr was spotted in a trending video greeting top personalities, including Sunny Ade in attendance but the ‘Sabi Girl’ casually shook hands with the 77-year-old singer while standing. 

Agitated by the level of disrespect and ignorance, netizens argued that she should have done better being a Yoruba girl. 

Some X users shared a video shot last year where Wizkid prostrated on stage to greet Sunny Ade and told Ayra Starr to learn from that.

Reacting to the video, Big Shabz said: “The fact that Ayra Starr is a Yoruba girl makes this quite disrespectful, no matter how you spin it. She shook his hands like say na hin manager she dey greet !”

Oloye Okanlomo added: “Oyinkan, as a Yoruba girl, anywhere you walk in to elderly people, you are to show respectful gesture when greeting. Doesn’t necessarily mean you should kneel down. Even if the other lady isn’t Burna Boy’s mom, passing her is disrespectful! Shaking KSA and standing like AI is a NO!”

FineboyFash said “Shaking hands with a man old enough to be your grandfather is disrespectful.”

Comrade Olajide Ikujenyo reacted: “Very mannerless judging by the fact that she is even Yoruba. How can you shake your elders like that? A whole King Sunny Ade? The sad part is he won’t even want to embarrass her there by ignoring her, cos ordinarily, that’s what he should have done in that situation.”

Ibrahim Jinadu wrote: “You don’t stretch your hand to greet an elderly person in Yoruba land, no matter your status, or the elderly person’s status, even if the elderly person stretches his or her hand, you bow and take the handshake.”

Ayra Starr apologises for ‘unintentional’ disrespect of KSA 

But in a post released on her official X account on Saturday morning, Ayra Starr clarified that she is not a disrespectful girl as a proper Yoruba girl.

The singer said that she went back to properly meet everyone after letting her nerves get the better of her when she first met the legendary KSA. 

She wrote: “I’m so sorry, I had just walked in and all the lights and nerves didn’t let me see but I came back around to greet everyone properly, I have never been that girl to be disrespectful. 

” I’m a proper Yoruba girl and the video didn’t start until after I’d greeted Burna’s mom! I’m very sorry to the legend, uncle and King Sunny Ade”.

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