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PDP Commends Kwara Judiciary For Upholding Democratic Principles Despite Threats From AbdulRazaq-Led Excos

...Urges Kwarans to resist attempts to turn Kwara into a regimented Military Barrack

The Kwara State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) extends her heartfelt gratitude to our Lordhsips at the Kwara State Judiciary for their steadfast commitment to upholding democratic principles and resisting attempts to stifle opposition voices in the state as being attempted by the Abdulrazaq-led government in connivance with the police authority. 

The PDP in reaction by its state Publicity Secretary , Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments) , to the Bail granted to the duo of Alfa Abdulganiyu Babaimole and Comrade Solihu Muhammed Onirakunmi , who were both arrested and detained unjustly by Kwara Police commissioner on the order of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq saluted men of Kwara judiciary for rising above dangerous politics capable of igniting political crisis in the state by refusing the threat of the Governor not to grant Bail to the two accused persons. 

"As a party, we want to state in clear terms that any attempt to turn Kwara state into a regimented military barrack where citizens will have to get permission from government house before ventilating their displeasures about government inefficiencies will always be resisted."

"In a recent incident involving the unwarranted detention of vocal critics of the poorly constructed Tanke Bridge, we commend the judiciary for rising above the Governor's pressure and ensuring justice prevailed by granting bail to the accused persons, Alhaji Abdulganiyu Babaimole and Solhiu Muhammed Onirakunmi, in a liberal manner.:

"We firmly believe in the democratic right of every Kwaran to express their opinions without fear of intimidation. The attempts by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and the Police Commissioner in Kwara to suppress dissenting voices are contrary to the principles of a democratic system and as a Party, we will continue to reject such draconian attitude no matter who is involved. Kwara is not a regimented military barrack, and the people reserve the right to speak out against government inefficiencies.:

"We extend our gratitude to the well-meaning Kwarans who stood firm against the oppressive actions of the Abdulrahman-led government. We urge all Kwarans not to be deterred by intimidation and assure them that the PDP in Kwara will continue to champion the cause of democracy and accountability."

"As we approach future opportunities to choose leaders for Kwara, we call on all citizens to remember the importance of selecting leaders who truly serve the public interest."

"The current accidental public servants who are using N41.19 billion for trips and refreshments when the people are languishing in hunger must not be reinforced when the opportunity to choose leaders for Kwara arises again."


Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments),
State Publicity Secretary, 
Kwara PDP

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