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Northern Concerned People Forum Condemns Tragic Banditry Attack in Plateau

The Northern Concerned People Forum (NCPF) deeply mourns the tragic Christmas Day massacre that occurred in Barken Ladi, Plateau State, where innocent citizens were brutally attacked. This horrifying incident raises serious concerns about the state of law and order, as well as the presence of security agencies in our country.

It is disheartening to question whether we live in a nation where barbarism and hatred determine who lives and dies based on their faith or ethnicity. The lives of our people should never be rendered meaningless, and it is unacceptable that certain groups feel entitled to terminate them without facing consequences.

As concerned citizens of Northern Nigeria, we strongly emphasize the importance of peaceful coexistence for our social, political, and economic progress. Regardless of our religious or tribal differences, we must strive for unity as a region and as a nation.

The crisis of banditry, ethnic conflicts, and senseless killings has plagued Plateau State for a long time, even predating the creation of Boko Haram. It is imperative that President Ahmed Bola Tinubu GCFR, Jagaban Borgu, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces deploy their presidential powers to urgently address the numerous security challenges that threaten the peace and security of our country.

People no longer feel safe in their homes, marketplaces, public institutions, or while traveling on highways across the nation. This raises serious doubts about the government's commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

We also call on the President to direct all governors to conduct Local Government Elections in their respective states. This will enable elected local administrations to quickly identify areas of security threats and take prompt action.

The issues of accidental bombings of civilians, herders-farmers clashes, banditry, kidnappings, unknown gunmen, robbery, ritual killings, and corruption serve as catalysts for insecurity. We appreciate the President's directive to the security agencies to identify and bring the perpetrators to justice. It is crucial that severe punishment is imposed on those involved, and proactive measures are implemented to prevent future occurrences.

Our prayers are for peaceful coexistence and a united nation that strives for sustainable economic, security, and political development that benefits all citizens. As we enter the new year, we wish for prosperity and good governance for all.

Alhaji Omar Yusuf Aiyelabegan
Chairman, Northern Concerned People Forum

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