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Northern Concerned People Forum Condemns Kaduna Bombing Incident

The recent bombing incident during the celebration of Moulud Nabiyi in Kaduna has been strongly condemned by Alhaji Omar Aiyelabegan, Chairman of the Northern Concerned People Forum. This tragic event highlights the recurring problem of mistaken identity and errors in judgment within our nation.

It is disheartening that incidents like these are dismissed as mere "mistakes" or "errors in judgment." We cannot tolerate such occurrences any longer. This is not the first time we have witnessed such a tragedy. We remember incidents in Borno State where innocent people were mistakenly targeted and killed, believing them to be Boko Haram gatherings. It is worth noting that the present Chief of Army Staff was on duty in Maiduguri during one of these incidents.

We question the effectiveness of our intelligence gathering systems. What has happened to the mechanisms that are supposed to prevent such grave errors? It is essential that the authorities thoroughly investigate these incidents and hold those responsible accountable. We must address the shortcomings in our intelligence operations to prevent further loss of innocent lives.

As a nonpartisan Northern group, we vehemently condemn the Nigeria Air Force's mistake of mistaking innocent civilians for a threat. Security personnel should receive proper training and accurate intelligence, and exercise caution in their operations to avoid these tragedies.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of the victims. We stand with them during this difficult time. We call on the government to provide necessary support and assistance to those affected.

The Northern Concerned People Forum remains committed to promoting peace, security, and unity in our region and Nigeria as a whole. We urge all Nigerians, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, to work together in fostering tolerance, understanding, and harmony within our communities.

May Almighty God protect us all from evil and guide us towards lasting peace and stability.

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