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Kano Tribunal Outstanding: Chairman of Northern Concerned People Forum Speaks Out

Kano State has been in the news recently due to the inconsistent judgements issued by the Court of Appeal on the 2023 governorship election. The Chairman of Northern Concerned People Forum, Alhaji Omar Aiyelabegan, has expressed concerns about the situation, stating that it could trigger a crisis similar to that of January 15, 1966, and the 1983 Ondo political crisis.

"It makes no meaning to give judgement in favour of the NNPP by setting aside the Tribunal Judgement on one hand with an award of fine against APC, while on the other hand, another judgement confirms the Tribunal Judgement that APC governorship candidate should be sworn in and the incumbent NNPC should stand down. Such judgements are at war with each other," said Aiyelabegan.

The judges have now asked for the judgement to be returned for corrections, but Aiyelabegan questions whether this is an effort to do the work of Supreme Court Judge through the back door. "The benefits of that should be allowed to NNPP instead of Court of Appeal correction," he said.

Aiyelabegan appealed to the judges of the Supreme Court to use their wisdom in setting aside all judgements that are capable of setting the nation into crises of national instability. He also urged President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to use his presidential powers to ensure that the Supreme Court does not compromise in its delivery of judgements.

"Anything contrary may not be accommodated by the people," he warned.

The Chairman of Northern Concerned People Forum believes that the issue of inconsistent judgements must be addressed to ensure that democracy takes root in Nigeria and that citizens do not suffer any further hardships.

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