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Kwara YOWICAN Celebrates National Youth Day, Urges Christian Youths to Embrace Positive Values

Kwara State, Nigeria - In celebration of National Youth Day, the Kwara State Chapter of the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) gathered to honor and uplift the youth of the state. Led by Chairman Bro. Stephen A. Awoyale, the event aimed to inspire Christian youths to embrace faith, integrity, and positive values while highlighting their significant role in shaping the destiny of Kwara State and Nigeria.

Amidst an atmosphere of hope and optimism, Bro. Stephen A. Awoyale emphasized the importance of fearing God and living a godly life. He encouraged the youth to follow the exemplary teachings of Jesus Christ, embodying qualities such as selflessness, compassion, and love for one another. By reflecting the light of Christ, the Christian youths can contribute positively to society.

The Chairman fervently condemned cultism and internet fraud, urging the youth to reject such destructive paths. Instead, Awoyale called upon them to embrace education, personal development, and engagement with the community. He emphasized the need for ethical and honest pursuits that align with their talents and abilities.

Not limited to mere avoidance, the YOWICAN Chairman implored the youth to actively participate in nation-building and contribute to Kwara State's economic development. Awoyale emphasized that the young generation holds immense potential and can shape the present and future of the state through community service, education, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The event also provided an opportunity to express gratitude to fathers and mothers in the Lord, State CAN Chairman and Executive, Director, Advisers, Patrons, Matrons, Royal Father, Deputy Speaker KWHA, mentors, and leaders for their invaluable guidance and support.

The Kwara State YOWICAN Chairman concluded his message with deep appreciation for Governor Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, acknowledging his commitment to youth inclusiveness and participation in the government. This dedication reflects the recognition of the importance of youth in governance and the development of the state.

In closing, the Kwara State YOWICAN emphasized that Christian youths are a beacon of hope and promise. The organization encouraged the community to guide and support them on their journey towards a more prosperous Kwara State and a stronger, more united Nigeria. By working together, they can build a future all can be proud of.

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