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Challenging Conditions At Yikpata NYSC Camp Raise Concerns for Corps Members

The Yikpata NYSC camp in Kwara State has been met with mixed reviews from corps members, with one individual highlighting the difficult living conditions they have encountered during their stay.

A corps member, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared their experience of staying at Yikpata camp. They revealed that the deteriorating infrastructure has made their time at the camp far from comfortable. 

One of the major issues faced by the corps members is the poor condition of the accommodation. The individual reported that the windows in their room were broken, leading to beds getting soaked during a recent rainstorm. As a result, some corps members had to find alternative sleeping arrangements in other blocks.

Furthermore, the hygiene situation at the camp is said to be deplorable. Hostel 2 has been described as almost uninhabitable due to the overwhelming smell emanating from the full and unsanitary toilets. Bathrooms are allegedly filthy and have seemingly not been cleaned for an extended period of time. The appalling conditions have greatly affected the mood and well-being of those staying in the camp.

In addition to the living conditions, issues with uniform quality and sizing have been raised. The corps member expressed dismay over the inferior quality and small size of the khaki provided to them. They had to search for a replacement themselves, settling for a temporary solution until a larger one can be found.

Dining at the camp has also been met with disappointment. Breakfast consisting of tea and bread was reportedly unsatisfactory, with the tea resembling colored water and the bread appearing stale. This prompted the individual to discard the tea and seek an alternative meal from the Mammy market.

Although the individual is concerned about spending three weeks under these conditions, they have devised a plan to cope with the situation. They intend to wake up early in order to bathe before others, as finding a proper toilet has been a challenge.

Despite the hardships faced, the corps member expressed gratitude for support and suggestions received from family and friends. They mentioned considering options such as joining the Red Cross and exploring opportunities with the OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) within the camp.

With only three days passed, the individual admitted to eagerly awaiting the end of their time at the camp. However, they remain committed to fulfilling their responsibilities and remain hopeful for a better experience in the days to come.

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