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VIDEO: Sobi FM Employee Allegedly Assaults Colleague During Trip

Femi Oparinde and Tawa Yusuf 

Ilesa-Baruba, Kwara - In a shocking incident, Femi Oparinde, the Head of Programmes at Sobi FM, has been accused of physically assaulting his colleague, Tawa Yusuf, the Head of Marketing. The incident took place during a trip from Okuta to Ilorin, where the station's Board of Trustees Chairman, Mallam Lukman Mustapha, was honored with a traditional title, according to KwaraReporters.

Eyewitnesses reported that the incident occurred during a stopover at Ilesa Baruba, when some staff members went out to buy items. Oparinde wandered away from the bus, ignoring repeated calls from his colleagues upon their return.

Despite multiple attempts to reach him, Oparinde did not respond to any phone calls, resulting in a delay of over 30 minutes as darkness began to set in. Concerned about the delay, Tawa Yusuf confronted Oparinde upon his return.

Her swollen hand struck by his walking stick

Allegedly, Oparinde became offended by Yusuf's inquiry and responded with verbal abuse and derogatory remarks about her parents. The situation escalated when Oparinde attempted to strike Yusuf with a walking stick he was holding. Fortunately, Yusuf managed to raise her hand in time to prevent the stick from hitting her head.

To protect Yusuf from Oparinde's aggression, other staff members quickly intervened. It has been discovered that this is not the first time Oparinde has physically assaulted his colleagues. Sources close to the station have revealed previous incidents of assault on staff members Jimba and Bright, allegedly carried out by Oparinde. Surprisingly, the station management has reportedly failed to reprimand him for his violent behavior.

An eyewitness captured video footage and photographs of the incident, providing concrete evidence of Oparinde's assault on Yusuf. These visuals are crucial in highlighting the severity of the situation.

The incident has caused outrage within the media industry, with concerned individuals demanding swift action from Sobi FM's management to address the issue and ensure employee safety.

Sobi FM management has not yet commented on the incident, but stakeholders are hopeful that they will take prompt and appropriate action to address this serious matter.

KwaraReporters attempted to verify the information by contacting Mr. Femi Oparinde via phone call and WhatsApp messenger. However, all efforts were unsuccessful as he did not respond to our calls and messages.

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