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UNN Postgraduate Students Protest Against Corruption, Extortion, And Repression By Management

In a display of dissatisfaction and unrest, postgraduate students at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) have taken to the streets to protest against what they perceive as corruption, extortion, and repression by the school management. The students claim they have been subjected to unjust financial demands and inadequate academic support.

A major grievance raised by the protesting students is the exorbitant fee structure imposed by the university. Despite having paid two sessions' school fees within a single year, the school management insists on further payment for a third session. This demand has left the postgraduate community burdened by financial strain and uncertainty about the fairness of the institution's policies.

Moreover, the students report a lack of quality lectures, despite diligently fulfilling their financial obligations. Many have paid their school fees, only to be denied regular access to educational instruction. In some instances, students were required to pay a second round of fees, only to receive minimal instruction before being informed that the session would conclude, necessitating yet another payment for a third session - all within a span of less than a year.

This unprecedented series of financial demands has caused frustration and disillusionment among the postgraduate community. The students feel that their educational pursuits are being hindered by the greed and mismanagement of the school management.

The protesting students are calling for immediate action from the university authorities to address these pressing issues. They demand transparency in fee structure, timely and quality academic support, and an end to the cycle of excessive payments.

The UNN postgraduate student body is hopeful that their plea for justice and fairness will be heard, and the university administration will take prompt measures to rectify the situation, ensuring an environment conducive to learning and academic growth.

In the face of these challenges, the students remain resilient, hopeful, and committed to their educational aspirations, expecting that their cries for reform will bring about positive change within the university administration and contribute to a better academic environment at UNN.

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