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'No Satisfactory Answer Yet On Kwara's N17bn Kept In Secret Bank' -PDP To Gov. Abdulrahaman

The peoples democratic party(PDP), in Kwara State has dismissed Ajakaiye explanations on radio about the N17bn the party alleged was kept in a secret bank by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, describing the CPS narration as vague, ambitious and inconsistent with reality.

The party in a reaction via telephone by its state publicity secretary, Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments) said Ajakaiye although doing his job as Governors mouthpiece , but his explanations indicates he does not have much knowledge about what he was sponsored to defend on radio and other media channels, noting that the CPS is doing more damage by taking people of kwara state for fools .

The party said instead of misleading narratives by the Governor's CPS and other APC agents in the state, the Governor himself , who earlier told kwarans he kept this N17bn in a bank he did not disclose , owes a great explanations to the people of Kwara.

"The people of Kwara state are tired of ambiguous grammars and misleading narratives from agents of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, particularly the CPS who appeared to be narrating story he seems to have limited knowledge about . Neither he, the CPS nor any Apc agents were with the Governor when he was fixing the N17bn, so they should spare us those misleading narratives being targeted at saving the face of goverment from explaining the whereabout of this huge fund. It insulted people's sensibilities when Ajakaiye claimed the N17bn was spent on Osi-obo Road construction, we ask, where was the $60m RAAMP fund given to Kwara state to construct rural access roads?

"The Governor himself told Kwarans he kept N17bn in a bank which he didn't disclose , he said this to camera and his statement was circulated on some social media platforms by media agents recruited by government . Those who are not there when the Governor was fixing the fund should not present themselves as middle men between kwarans and the Governor, the people entrusted their mandates on the Governor and not any of his aids"

As a party, we believe Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq will not face kwarans and tell them the N17bn has been spent on the projects listed by Ajakaiye when he already told us he had spent N10bn to finance same projects . After all, the petty projects on ground cannot even level up to N10bn if they are properly evaluated.

"Will the Governor be telling us he used the whole N10bn to buy tailoring machines to already existing garment structure. Enough of trying to use grammar to twist narratives , Kwarans are interested about whereabout of this N17bn and only the man who said he fixed it in an unknown bank can provide clear explanations to it " - the PRO added

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