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Investigative Report Contradicts Claims of Attack on Nigerian Correctional Service Vehicle in Ilorin

KwaraReporters conducted an investigative report today to uncover the truth behind yesterday's incident in the Oja-Oba and Niger junction area of Ilorin, Kwara State, involving a vehicle from the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS). Our findings contradict the NCS's claim that the vehicle was attacked by hoodlums attempting to rescue an inmate.

According to SC. Adegbulugbe Phillip Olumide, the PRO for the Kwara Command of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS), some hoodlums allegedly tried to free high-profile inmate 'Tani Olohun' while he was being transported to court. However, our investigation into the recent accident in the Oja-Oba area and Niger Junction challenges the NCS's claim that the incident resulted from an attack on their convoy.

According to an Eyewitnesses, who prefer to remain anonymous, were present during the accident and stated that NCS operatives are known for their reckless driving in the area. The accident was a direct result of overspeeding and careless driving by the NCS operatives. Three motorcycle riders and two salesgirls, who worked with a food seller, were seriously injured in the accident. Fortunately, the two salesgirls have been discharged, while two laborers at the junction were also affected.

The eyewitnesses vehemently denied the NCS's claim of an attack by hoodlums, stating that the vehicle was carrying female inmates, not male inmates as the NCS claimed. They questioned why, if an attack had indeed taken place, it would not have been more violent and involved weapons. The eyewitnesses regarded the NCS's claim as a bold lie designed to conceal their operatives' reckless conduct of overspeeding and driving in the wrong direction, which ultimately led to the accident.

"The vehicle that rammed into the people yesterday was carrying female inmates and not males inmate which they claimed was Tani Olohun. If anyone wanted to attack them as they claimed, wouldn't it be a bloody encounter? Wouldn't the attackers come as a team, armed with weapons? Their claim is pure lies, untrue, and ungodly. The truth is, they were passing through the wrong way and overspeeding, within the popular market in Ilorin Metropolis which caused an uncontrollable accident."
Additionally, another eyewitness, a transporter in the area, confirmed hearing the NCS's claim on the radio and attested to its falsehood. He stated that the vehicle was traveling at a high speed, causing the driver to lose control and collide with the people on the roadside. He emphasized that the accident occurred on a day when market activities were low due to sanitary activities, contradicting the NCS's assertion that they were attacked.

"Yesterday was the sanitation day in the market, so there were fewer people on the road compared to the usual daily basis. There were three vehicles coming from the Correctional center in Oke-kura, and the bus that rammed into the people was the last vehicle. It was carrying female inmates, and even after the collision, it couldn't stop until it was halted by a bike. The police from the nearby station, who arrived to clear the bus from the road, stated that it wasn't a brake failure, as the bus's brakes were still intact. The accident was attributed to overspeeding."
According to a trader present at the scene also condemned the NCS operatives' habit of overspeeding in the area and called on the government to address this issue. He pointed out that it has become a recurring problem for NCS operatives to drive recklessly and take wrong routes in the city. 

KwaraReporters also investigated another accident involving the NCS at Niger Junction on the same day. A roadside trader, who wishes to remain anonymous, blamed the incident on the operatives' uncontrolled speed. Despite the vehicle's tire bursting during the accident, the NCS vehicle did not stop to provide assistance to the victims.

"Yesterday afternoon, I was about to cross from my shop when their vehicle collided with a bike carrying passengers. Despite the vehicle's tire bursting during the accident, it didn't stop and neglected to offer any assistance to the victims. I urge the government to investigate the reckless behavior of these individuals. As for their claims of being attacked by the NSC, it is a pure lie intended to cover up their mistakes. Nobody attacked or attempted to attack them."

In response to these incidents, the Kwara State Hospitals Management Board has waived all medical and prescription fees for the victims affected by the Oja-Oba accident. Two victims have already been discharged, while the remaining five are in stable condition, with two of them requiring surgery for fractures.

KwaraReporters urgently calls on the government to address the excessive and reckless behavior of the NCS operatives in Ilorin. Prioritizing the safety of citizens and commuters is of utmost importance to prevent such avoidable accidents in the future.

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