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Atiku Disclose The Condition To Drop Legal Battle Against President Tinubu

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar, who ran as the Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2023 election, has revealed the condition under which he would drop his legal battle against President Bola Tinubu. Atiku had previously challenged the president's victory in court but lost his petition. However, he continued his case in a US court and successfully obtained official documents that he plans to include in his appeal at the Supreme Court.

The basis for Atiku's legal battle is the alleged discrepancies in the certificate that Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which Atiku argues should have rendered Tinubu ineligible to contest the election. Despite losing his case in court, Atiku remains steadfast and stated that he would only drop the fight if the Supreme Court rules in Tinubu's favor since there is no higher court.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, Atiku denied being under pressure from Tinubu to drop the case, revealing that he refused to meet with a delegation of governors sent by the president after the election. He also expressed no fear of potential repercussions against his business interests, citing the revocation of the license of Intels, a logistics firm he co-owned, under ex-President Muhammadu Buhari.

In addition, Atiku emphasized that Nigeria's reputation is on the line with the controversy surrounding the academic records that Tinubu submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission. Atiku called on relevant stakeholders to establish the truth about the certificate in order to uphold the tenets of democracy.

After the Chicago State University released Tinubu's academic records, the Presidency insisted that the records vindicated the president and confirmed him as an alumnus of the school. Atiku, armed with the obtained documents from the university, is anticipated to file his application at the Supreme Court today in furtherance of his election appeal.

The outcome of Atiku's legal battle against Tinubu remains uncertain, and the case continues to garner attention as it holds significant implications for the Nigerian political landscape.

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