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Kwara North Development Council Announces Restructuring Plans

The Kwara North Development Council has announced plans to restructure its operations to strengthen its capacity and improve its ability to deliver on broader yet well-tailored objectives. The Council will undergo a phase of restructuring, reengineering, and redirection towards becoming more development-oriented.

According to the Acting Chairman of the Council, Hon Ahmad Muhammad, the Council's reset and transition will remain largely open and accommodative to all development entrepreneurs, idealists, and merchants irrespective of ideological coloration. The revamped Council will sustain the strategy of being fundamental partners with the government at all levels through the concept of lobbying.

The Council also made it clear that it is not a direct nor indirect formation of the government or any political individual, but an independent concept. The technical and tactical approach to issues by its rules of engagement isn't restricted to or tailored towards any individual's political interest as development is multifaceted.

The Council will collaborate with foreign missions and international organizations/platforms to attract aids and interventions to the region. Council officials have stressed that their door is open to all Kwara North extraction, whose desires are substantially in sync with the bigger picture irrespective of ethno-religious affiliations or political leanings.

The Council's goal-oriented and elastic restructuring plans are aimed at accommodating more strategic partners. The only constant thing in life is change, and the Council understands that it must adapt and change to achieve its objectives.

The announcement of the Council's restructuring plans has been received with optimism by residents of Kwara North. The revamped Council will have an inalienable right to free entry and exit, creating opportunities for more diverse development partners.

The Council's Director-General, Cmr KOLO M. Jerry, has assured residents that the Council's approach is not in competition with other sister organizations but will be in solidarity where developmental interests and objectives align. 

The restructuring plans represent a new era for the Kwara North Development Council. With its revamped structure, the Council is poised to better serve the people of Kwara North and attract more development projects and interventions to the region.

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