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KWANDCO Congratulates Dr. Jemila Bio And Kwha Speaker Danladi On Appointments

Kwara North Development Council (KWANDCO) has praised the nomination of Dr Jamila Bio Ibrahim as the Minister of Youth from the North of Kwara by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In a statement released on Sunday, KWANDCO described the pick as "a round peg in a round hole" and commended President Tinubu for his commitment to balance by quality and sensitivity to gender inclusion, as well as the demands of the youth constituency.

The council also appreciated HE' Abdulrazaq for supporting the appointment of Dr Bio and hailed Governor Abdulrazaq's leadership in creating an enabling environment to make her nomination a reality. According to KWANDCO, Dr Bio's qualifications, gender representation, youth inclusion, and regional balance tick all the right boxes, and they expressed confidence that she would make the constituency proud.

The council called on President Tinubu to continue to give a listening ear and lean back to accommodate equity and balance in all appointments and nominations. They also congratulated Rt. Hon Engr Solihu Danladi, who was recently elected as Chairman of the APC conference of Speakers, and expressed hope that such opportunities would provide more development for the region.

In conclusion, KWANDCO reiterated its commitment to human resource development for the region and pledged to work with Dr Bio and other stakeholders to achieve sustainable development in Kwara North.

About KWANDCO: Kwara North Development Council (KWANDCO) is a platform for social-economic transformation of the region. The council seeks to promote and protect kwara North Development interest through strategic partnership.

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