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Group Unmasks Those Behind Smear Campaign Against Jumoke Gafar

The attention of the Kwara Transparency Group has been drawn to a statement by a mushroom organization calling on Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq not to reappoint his immediate past Principal Principal Secretary, Miss Jumoke Gafar, into office.

Ordinarily, the Kwara Transparency Group would have ignored these charlatans masquerading themselves as a Political Support group for our exceptional Governor, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. However, our investigation has unmasked those behind the smear campaign as sore losers in the new Kwara, where capacity, integrity, credibility, and inclusivity are the strong foundations upon which consideration for appointments is built, against the gluttonous tradition of those who have held the State by the jugular since its creation in 1967.

Certainly, the new Kwara is a clear departure from an era where mediocrity, falsehood, and naked blackmail were major strengths for political appointments seekers.

These people, who are using lackeys to attack the former PPS, are desperate in their quest for political appointments and would go to any length to achieve their calumnious ambition.

For the purpose of emphasis, Miss Gafar is an accomplished lawyer whose experiences and credible exposures transcend the shores of this country, and she was only invited home to contribute her quota to the development of Kwara State.

We are aware that those behind the write-up are envious of Miss Gafar's towering achievements in supporting the building of a new Kwara with a positive image in the last four years. It is clear that our performing Governor is the real target of the smear campaign. The masquerading cowards are only using a failed "smokescreen approach." It is clearly a dead mission at conception.

We challenge the group to make real their lame threat of submitting a petition to the Anti-graft agencies. We have no iota of doubt that Miss Gafar, who has become a victim of their serial attacks, has nothing to hide.

However, we remind this group of the consequences of false claims against an excellent loyal public officer.

The group should also not forget that the court will not hesitate to award excruciating damages and other punishments against anyone who makes defamatory statements that lack a rock-solid foundation in truth against Miss Gafar.

Therefore, we warn these desperate politicians seeking the attention of His Excellency for political relevance to stop their evil machinations. They should wake up and realize that mediocres have no place in the new Kwara.

Habeeb Ahmed 
Publicity Secretary, 
Kwara Transparency Group

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