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IGP: New Social Media Policy Issued For Nigeria Police Personnel

In a bid to regulate the use of social media platforms by Nigeria Police personnel, a new policy has been issued by the Inspector General of Police (IGP). The directive aims to ensure professionalism, accountability, and the responsible use of social media among members of the police force.

Under the new policy, all police personnel are strictly prohibited from wearing, using, or displaying police uniforms, logos, emblems, ranks, or anything that portrays them as police officers on social media, unless authorized by the IGP through the Office of the Force Public Relations Officer. This measure aims to prevent impersonation and uphold the integrity of the force.

Furthermore, it is emphasized that police officers must not identify themselves as police personnel on social media platforms. This prohibition aims to maintain confidentiality and prevent the misuse of authority or association in online interactions.

While social media platforms such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp groups can be used for professional and educational purposes, all personnel are mandated to observe relevant social media rules and decency. The policy encourages personnel to utilize such platforms to enhance their skills, build networks, and foster a positive online presence.

Additionally, administrators of social media groups comprising police personnel must ensure adequate discipline within their respective groups, in compliance with the SMP. This step is taken to maintain the professional conduct of members and ensure adherence to the policy.

The policy also addresses the use of blogs, podcasts, and other forms of online content creation. Any police personnel found using such platforms without permission from the appropriate authorities will face repercussions.

To maintain a respectful and responsible online presence, the policy strictly prohibits the posting or sharing of explicit sexual content, pornography, and any abusive or discriminatory comments directed towards individuals, groups, communities, or religious groups.

Furthermore, the policy emphasizes that the spread of unverified news and any speech intending to propagate hate are absolutely prohibited. This measure aims to curb the dissemination of false information, preserve social harmony, and promote ethical online interactions.

In line with the new policy, the posting of police official signals or related official letters/documents on social media platforms is prohibited. Pictures and videos of police officers who have been killed or burnt facilities should only be used for investigative, evidential, and official purposes.

The administrators of the Nigeria Police Eagle's Eye Group and its affiliated groups have urged all members to adhere strictly to the IGP Social Media Policy. They have emphasized that they will not be responsible for any misconduct or recalcitrant behaviors displayed by group members.

In case of emergencies or urgent matters, members are encouraged to privately forward important videos, pictures, and signals to group admins for proper vetting, explanation, and consideration before posting to the general group, if necessary.

It is vital for all police personnel to acknowledge and treat this new order and directive with utmost importance. Failure to comply may result in consequences for offenders.

The new social media policy represents a significant step towards regulating and promoting responsible social media usage within the Nigeria Police force. By adhering to these guidelines, the force aims to maintain professionalism, enhance public trust, and ensure a positive online presence for all personnel.

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