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Odetundun Graces Turbaning Ceremony of New Chief Imam Of Sanmora

Sanmora, Kwara State - Hon. Olushola Odetundun, the distinguished member representing Irepodun Constituency in the Kwara State House of Assembly, graced the auspicious occasion of the Turbaning Ceremony of the Chief Imam of Sanmora on July 1st, 2023.

The event, held at the historic town of Sanmora, marked a significant milestone in the religious and cultural heritage of the community. The turbaning ceremony, conducted with reverence and tradition, symbolized the appointment and investiture of the Chief Imam, who would lead the faithful in Sanmora.

Hon. Olushola Odetundun, known for his unwavering commitment to community development and religious harmony, was present at the ceremony to extend his support and pay his respects to the newly appointed Chief Imam. As a representative of the people, Hon. Odetundun recognizes the importance of fostering strong ties between different religious groups and promoting peaceful coexistence.

During the ceremony, Hon. Odetundun delivered a heartfelt speech emphasizing the significance of unity, tolerance, and cooperation among the residents of Sanmora. He highlighted the importance of respecting religious diversity and working together to promote communal growth and progress.

The turbaned Chief Imam expressed gratitude to Hon. Olushola Odetundun for his presence and kind words. He pledged to serve the community with utmost dedication, fostering a spirit of peace, understanding, and social development.

The Turbaning Ceremony was attended by prominent traditional leaders in Irepodun local government area led by the Olupo of Ajase-Ipo, Oba Ismail Yahya Alebiosu, prominent religious leaders, and community leaders, as well as residents of Sanmora. It served as a testament to the harmonious relationship between different faiths within the constituency.

Hon. Odetundun's participation in the event further underscores his commitment to the welfare and progress of the people he represents. His presence at the Turbaning Ceremony is a reflection of his dedication to fostering a cohesive and inclusive society, where cultural and religious practices are respected and celebrated.

As the community moves forward, Hon. Olushola Odetundun's support and active involvement in events of this nature continue to inspire confidence, unity, and progress within Irepodun Constituency and Kwara State as a whole.

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