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Leave Or I’ll Pelt You With Stones – Ilorin Cleric Attacks Osun Priestess, Worshippers

A new video showing Muslim clerics threatening another set of Isese worshippers in the Oko Owo area of Ilorin, the Kwara State has emerged online.

The worshippers are seen performing some traditional rites at the bank of a river. In the video, the rites are however disrupted by the clerics who ordered them to leave the river.

A Facebook user, Alfa Aribidesi At-Tawdeeh Islamic Da’wah, shared the video Friday night captioning it: “ANOTHER OSUN WOMEN CAUGHT LIVE @ OKO OLOWO IN ILORIN TODAY!!!”

The video shows a Muslim cleric charging towards the priestess who had yet to be identified, as she and her members stood by a river ready to offer sacrifices.

A new video showing Muslim clerics threatening another set of Isese worshippers in the Oko Owo area of Ilorin, the Kwara State has emerged online.

The cleric could be heard threatening to not only ruin the traditional procession and rites but also physically attack the priestess and two other girls in her company.

Speaking in Yoruba, one of the clerics could be heard saying:

“We warned you against these sacrifices. I have you on tape with your calabashes.

“You dare not drop the calabashes,” the cleric screamed at the convoy.

‘Everything you are saying is cheap talk. I am an Indigene just like you,” one of the women in the Osun priestess’ group fired back at the cleric who made it a point to also mention that Ilorin does not tolerate traditional religious practices.

The two exchanged heated words for a while before the cleric began to charge toward the priestess and her girls, chanting a Muslim prayer as he marched on.

“Come out here because this is Ilorin and such is not allowed. Is this Osun? Leave! Leave! Leave now! Do you not hear me, leave or I’ll pelt you with stones.”

The priestess ignored all of his threats and continued with her rites.

This won’t be the first such occurrence in Ilorin. A few weeks ago, The PUNCH reported the story of Yeye Ajesikemi Olokun Omolara, who was also threatened by a Muslim group, Majlisu Shabab li Ulamahu Society, in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, in a bid to cancel a planned Isese festival in the state.

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  1. Must out Muslim brothers always use an attacking approach to maintain their feat? The river isn't owned by anyone's father and nor were the ingredients meant for the sacrifices bought with your money. So, why the noise?

    If Ilorin wants to claim to be holier than Prophet Muhammad, doesn't Allah have the power to destroy these idol worshippers only if He wants?

    Enough of fighting for Allah

    Muslims won't develop technology, they won't do a public medical treatment or other social-developing factors. Theirs is to cause havoc!

    Your mentality ought to be changed, pls.

  2. This must be an ordinary statement it can't be reality. Ilorin is not like other places in Yoruba land. If you dare us you will smell pepper.
    The miraculous of Glorious Qur'an still remains and it's still working. Have read the history of the previous people who were destroyed without having an external rest?.