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Kwara Police Commissioner Prioritizes Crime Prevention And Community Engagement

Kwara State Commissioner of Police, CP Ebunoluwarotimi Adelesi, held her maiden meeting with the press today at the Kwara State Police Command Headquarters. The commissioner expressed her delight at returning to her home state, having previously served as the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the Command.

During the meeting, CP Adelesi commended Kwara State for its reputation of maintaining a low crime rate. However, she emphasized the need for continued vigilance and cooperation between the police and the public to sustain this achievement.

Acknowledging the efforts made by the previous administration, CP Adelesi vowed to build upon their successes and ensure the safety and security of the state's residents. She stressed the importance of community policing and urged the public to be active participants in crime prevention.

The commissioner also highlighted the significance of intelligence gathering and technology in modern policing. She promised to prioritize the training of police officers in the use of advanced tools and techniques to effectively combat crime in the state.

CP Adelesi further reassured the press and the public of her commitment to professionalism, transparency, and accountability within the police force. She pledged to maintain an open-door policy, welcoming constructive criticism and feedback from all stakeholders.

In conclusion, the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, CP Ebunoluwarotimi Adelesi, expressed her gratitude to the press for their attendance and assured them of her dedication to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of the state's residents. She called for a united front in the fight against crime and urged the public to report any suspicious activities to the police for prompt action.

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