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Alfa-Rifun Alleges Assassination Attempt In Patigi

A prominent member of Patigi Community of Kwara State, Alhaji AbdulKadir Mustapha Alfa Rifun, popularly known as Ya Alfa Rifun, allegedly escaped an assassination attempt orchestrated by a group of Irate youths under the Patigi Emirate Youths forum. Suspected to have been led by their leader, Hamza Ndawuya.

He also alleged that more than 200 armed youths suspected to be hired assassins gathered at the NTA and Gada junction in Patigi, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

According to Alfa Rifun, Hamza Ndawuya had a 30-minute phone conversation with him, demanding that he surrenders and follows the directives of the Emir of Patigi. 

The youth leader refused to disclose the reasons behind this demand, leaving Alhaji Abdulkadir puzzled and concerned for his life.

The incident was swiftly reported to the Patigi Divisional Police Station, prompting urgent action from the authorities. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Alhaji Abdulkadir said he " contacted Lieutenant Oni, a military personnel from Ilorin, for assistance.

 "Lieutenant Oni wasted no time in calling Lieutenant Mohammed from the Patigi military outpost, who quickly assembled a team of Army Officers and headed to Lade town".

Realizing the imminent threat to Alhaji Abdulkadir, "the military advised him to halt his journey and avoid the assassins. They assured him of complete security cover, offering to transport him and his family safely to their destination. However, Alhaji Abdulkadir, aware of reports suggesting that his relatives were planning a reprisal attack, declined the Military's offer to prevent further tensions in the area".

Despite the risks involved, Alhaji Abdulkadir's family proceeded to their hometown in a chartered car. It is worth noting that even the acclaimed youth leader, Hamza Ndawuya, had the audacity to stop and search the military vehicle, suspecting the presence of the target victim.

Meanwhile, the Patigi Divisional Police Officer promptly sent officers to the scene upon receiving reports of armed youths with dangerous weapons. However, the sheer number of the irate youths made it virtually impossible for law enforcement to control the situation effectively.

The matter has been reported to the relevant authorities, urging immediate security intervention and the apprehension of the suspected individuals for thorough interrogation. Hamza Ndawuya, the youth leader, shockingly claimed that the Emir of Patigi, Patigi princesses, and other Chiefs were aware of their actions. These claims are yet to be confirmed, but investigations are underway.

Expressing deep concern for his safety and that of his family, Alhaji Abdulkadir alleged Hamza Ndawuya and his gang were responsible for any harm that may befall them. 

Kwara Reporters recently reached out to the Kwara State Police Command Public Relations Officer (PRO) to obtain confirmation regarding an alleged assassination attempt in Patigi. Surprisingly, the PRO stated that he was unaware of such an incident. Seeking further clarification, Kwara Reporters then contacted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the Patigi division station.

The DPO confirmed being aware of the incident, explaining that upon receiving the information, he promptly proceeded to the reported gathering spot where the youth were said to be assembling. However, upon arrival, the youth claimed that they were conducting a patrol to safeguard their community due to the high influx of people in light of the Salah festivities.

The conflicting statements from the police officials have raised questions and uncertainties regarding the alleged assassination attempt in Patigi. Kwara Reporters will continue to investigate the incident and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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