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Race For Speakership: Hon. Betara Unarguably The Most Qualified

The Legislature(National Assembly) play a critical role in government as it is the only arm that not only justify democracy but as well promote it principles and practices. The above assertion is in tandem with the belief in every democracy world over,that it leadership play a crucial role in the make or mere or simply put success of any government. 

In our democracy,as we approach the stage of making this choice,lies in all the decision makers to considered such factors as experience,ability to build consensus, leadership skill,political savvy and more importantly collaborative skills with all stakeholders I.e the legislatures and the executive.

Hon. Betara has been a central figure in parliamentary politics in Nigeria haven't spent close to two decades in the green chamber.First elected in 2007 and since then he has been consistently elected by his people owing to his leadership style.Being re elected for fifth term show how much trust and confidence his people had on him.

He has worked across range of policy areas;Accountant with the presidency 1986-1990,Rose to the rank of manager at NITEL before he voluntarily resign to Ventures into politics.

Between 2011-2015 chairman committe on Army, 2015-2019 chaired Committee on defence in which efforts help in sustaining the Armed forces against insurgency via ensuring allocation of reasonable financial resources to the Armed forces.

Presently,as chairman of the most tedious and tasking Committee, Appropriation. He has demonstrated capability of managing complex and challenging political issues.Under is leadership Appropriation act has enjoyed timely passage and budget cycle has enjoyed January to December the feet which as remains a mirage in the past.

He is widely respected by all who has in one way or the other served in the same Committee with him and every one around him.

Apart from his experience,Hon. Betara as a skill politician with keen sense of strategy ,has managed to build a strong bond among his colleagues and everyone who has had the priviledges of meeting him or work closely with him in the past and at present.

He has been able to balance the interests of various committees in the Green chamber in the process of Appropriation and has demonstrated an un parallel ability to build consensus with other.

Hon Aliyu Betara has reputation for being calm under pressure and a good listener with strong ability to make thoughtful and strategic decisions.He posses un matched crisis management skill and has the ability to work with all and sundry.

Known for his doggedness, perseverance and willingness to take on tough challenges,belief all this will work positively in the interest of the country at large.

He is un arguably an excellent choice to lead the green chamber now,calling on all concerns,the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria,The president Elect,Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,the APC leaders, Members elect( the final deciders) to has a matter of necccesity and in the interest of the party and the country at large considered his experience,political savvy,effective leadership skill give him the priviledge to lead the green chamber as he remain the best.

Doing this unequivocally translate to bringing everyone on board to achieve more important policy goals which would position the incoming government on the part of growth and prosperity

Aminu Rasaki
Political Affairs Analyst

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