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"Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq Must Tackle Security Issues in Kwara State Before It Gets Out of Hand"

Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq as the Chief Security Officer of Kwara State has a critical role to play in ensuring the security and safety of all citizens in the state. This become more demanding due to growing concerns about the increasing incidents of insecurity in the state, particularly along Ago-Oja/Afon axis, Asa Local Government Area.

 It is imperative for Governor AbdulRazaq take urgent action to address the security challenges before it escalates into a statewide issue. 

The Ago-Oja/Afon axis of Asa Local Government Area has witnessed a surge in criminal activities in recent times, including armed robbery, kidnapping and communal clashes. The situation has led to the loss of lives, destruction of property and displacement of many residents in the affected communities. The situation is also worrisome because the area is a major economic hub for the state by hosting several small and medium enterprises.

Therefore, Governor AbdulRazaq needs to take decisive action to address the security challenges in the Ago-Oja/Afon axis and other parts of the state. One of the first steps the governor can take is to increase the presence of security personnel in the area. This will help to deter criminal activities and provide a sense of security to residents and business owners in the area. The governor can also work with law enforcement agencies to improve their capacity to respond to security threats.

Another critical step the governor can take is to engage with communities and stakeholders in the state to promote a culture of security awareness and collaboration. This can involve organizing town hall meetings and community policing initiatives to encourage citizens to report suspicious activities and work together with security agencies to prevent crime.

In addition, Governor AbdulRazaq should invest in infrastructure and social services in the affected communities to address the root causes of insecurity in the state. This can involve improving access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities, as well as promoting economic development and poverty reduction initiatives.

Finally, the governor would need to collaborate with neighboring states and the federal government to address cross-border security challenges and promote regional security cooperation. This will involve sharing intelligence and coordinating efforts to prevent the movement of criminal elements across state boundaries.

In conclusion, Governor Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq must take urgent action to address the security challenges in Kwara State, particularly in the Ago-Oja/Afon axis of Asa Local Government Area. The state's economic prosperity and the safety of its citizens depend on it. The governor can adopt a multi-pronged approach, including increasing the presence of security personnel, engaging with communities, investing in infrastructure and social services, and promoting regional security cooperation to address the security challenges in the state. It is time for Governor AbdulRazaq to act decisively to ensure the security and safety of all citizens in Kwara State.

Hammed Adedayo Said is a Media consultant/Strategist and Political Analyst. He writes from Ilorin.

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