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The Applicable Reality Of Audacity Of Hope To The Reelection Of Hon. Owolabi By Kola King (JP)

I first came across the term audacity of hope in 2006 when I bought and read the book with that title written by former US President, Mr. Barak Obama. I had since then read that book more than 5 times, the last time been in December last year, which made me to think of writing and aligning it with my post on Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Rasaq and his political future ambition today.

Surprisingly, in 1993, the first person I reasonably know that portray the authenticity of that word, hope was Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola of blessed memory, who came up with an election slogan called (hope 93) under the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP), a political party singlehandedly fashioned along with the National Republican Convention (NRC), as one of the only two political parties Nigerians were restricted to vote for then by the then Nigerian Military President Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd). 

But in 2023, twenty years after, Nigerians got another slogan called Renewed Hope from the now President-elect of Nigeria, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, who fortunately is blessed by Almighty Allah with the political sagacity, temperament and favour of both God and men, possessed by politicians of old like Tafawa Balewa, Awolowo, Zik and Abiola, all rolled together in one man chosen today as our incoming President. Of course, that would be a discussion for another day.

The discussion today is on Hon. Owolabi and his popular saying that God should use his actions and intentions to judge him on the day of election while canvassing for reelection this year, 2023. Each time he made the statement, my resolve had always been that such statement can only be made by someone who was sure of what he had done and in the HOPE that surely God will always reward the just for whatever had been exhibited to uplift the lives of the people he had been given the opportunity to serve.

And because God no dey sleep as our people says and He executes His judgment fairly and without recourse to human selfish assessment(s), Owolabi as of today has at least been vindicated and rightly so, because he totally zeroed his hope on His Creator's unchanging rules for fairness.

Less I forgot, Mr. Bill Clinton taught me in his book - My Life that every good deeds have its punishments which made many people, especially politicians to always refrain from doing good or display their best to the people while in office. But those in that category have only succeeded in one thing. They simply succeeds in preserving and perpetuating infamous history for themselves and perhaps their unborn generations on the sans of time. Though it may take time, good doings and its rewards must always come to fulfilment. But as a matter of fact, giving my firsthand experience with him in the 2023 Election, Hon. Owolabi truly suffered more than anyone I ever know seeking reelection in Share/Ifelodun Constituency's political history....just for doing and been good for his people. Name it, backstabbing, outright betrayals blackmails, etc. At the end of the day and as always the case with most Nollywood ending remarks... to God be the glory for everything.

All said, I am particularly happy in the saying that those who seek good for others hardly lose their own benefits in their search to upgrade their own wellbeing and if you doubt that assertion, then ask yourself why is Tinubu still relevant in Nigeria politics till today since he left office as governor in 2007 and never contested nor taken any political appointment since then? How many of his contemporaries as governor or political appointees then are still on the Nigerian political scene till today, not to talk of seeking and becoming the next President of a politically, culturally and religiously dynamic as Nigeria of the 21st Century? Let your answer guide you further.

Like Tinubu, Owolabi has a long political plans for himself and his people and no man would succeed in scuffing that destined journey, which I would like his avowed political and personal adversaries to register quickly in their skulls. Indeed, those who really understand already know and would rather support the young man than engaging in fruitless war and dangerous saga with his Creator are not likely to step on the red tape of his brave journey to political apogee!

Soki lobe oge (a well-tasty soup is not always plenty) and because a word half said is always enough for the wise, I want to rest my pen here tonight. Happy night rest and wishing the readers a blessed day ahead tomorrow.

Don't forget, I am just thinking aloud oooo.

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