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Press Conference: OSHA In A Book Pages

The Coalition of The Youth's Voice Movement Osun State. 

Reminder on Osun debts profile and demand for public hearing from the OSHA. 

The Governor of Osun State.
The government of Osun State.
Osun State House of Assembly.
The accountant general of the state.
The council of Obas in Osun state.
The coalition of all political parties.
The civil society group.
The artisans and partisans in Osun State.
The press.

Prior to our last press released about Osun State debts profile with a huge amount from the past administrations that could be aggregated up to over #400,000,000,000. Despite the fact that, Osun State is a civil servant state with low internally generated revenue, the past administration went ahead and borrowed up to over 400 billions naira without any substantial level of developmental projects in the state.

In our last press released dated December, 23rd 2022.      

We as a matter of urgency gave the state house of assembly 60 days altimatum under the leadership of Hon. Timothy Owoeye, to call for a town hall meeting to justify her position as regards to borrowed money with the youth's and the general public, why he gave his approval to the satanic moves by the former governor Alahji Gboyega Oyetola after loosing the governorship election. 

Going further, majority of the OSHA members are still contesting for the same position after failing to account for unscrupulous act of the ex governor OYETOLA, and again the lackadaisical attitude shown by OSHA is nothing but a sign of incompetency and a weak and absolutely corrupts legislature to osun, for taking the masses for granted.

We want to assures you that if you fail to call for a town hall meeting before the expiration of your tenure in office, whether you re-elect or vacate the seat you will all soon back to the street as a common man and you will be brought to book and hold accountable for this. 

What is the I.G.R of Osun State today? 

What is the standard of living of the citizens of Osun State? 

What is the economic dynamism in Osun State? 

It is unpracticable and unusual to see a sustainable economy without a deficit because governance and development require a lot, but this had not been the reality in our state as there has not been even development to commensurate with such enormous borrowings. 

Since 1999, Osun State is a allocation dependant state and her allocation so far has amounted to over #1 trillion.
The question is? Do we really have anything to show for it as an achievement in terms of human capital development and the economy as a whole? No. 
The majority of the citizens are living in abject poverty, as it has become very difficult for the least fortunate person to live above a dollar on a daily basis.

The majority of the projects are abandoned, pensions and gratuities are unpaid, and we still have a debt of over #400 billion.

Concerning citizens of the state, having formed a body under the umbrella name of the above, they see this as a way to mortgage the future of all the citizens of this noble state. Almost all economic activities are dwindling, making means of livelihood very difficult for the masses. 

This is why we are taking the bull by the horn, as it is high time for every public office holder be held accountable regardless of political differences.

It's on this note, we are calling on the state legislature to grant a public hearing on every debt owed by the state to any quarters starting from the era of Governor Aregbesola to date and how it was spent, especially that of the last #18 billions borrowed by the last administration, also, we are urging the state house of assembly to summon the Debt Management Office, the State Finance Ministry, and the office of the State Accountant General accordingly as actors in this regard.

This movement has been long seen most of these acts of decadence committed by the aforementioned offices as disheartening, especially those of the legislative branch.
 They are the arm of government that the citizen entrusted to be checkmating the excesses of any branch of the government, most importantly the executive but the reality is different. We deem it fit to ask why such an arm of government will approved #18 billions for an outgoing governor.  

Was there any follow-up on the past debts they approved, and what has been their justification in terms of socio - economic development?  

What is the end game for the state accountant general?

Why will two former governors be arguing over debt and its liquidity allegations, whereby the state house of assembly and the accountant general cannot clear the air with reality?

A society becomes lawless where there is no justice. Osun State had been a justice jurisdiction from its inception until recent times. We hereby call on the Osun State Council of OBAs, the Civil Society, the Collation of Political Groups, and the Youth Movement to rise to the clarion call of demanding justice and fairness in the debt profile of the state and the EndSars inquiry outcome.

This is our right!
God bless Osun State.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Signed by:

Comr. Abiodun Saheed Badmus
Spokesman for 
Youth voice movement

Comr. Owolabi Hassan Tobest 
The Secretary for Youth voice movement. 

Comr. Adebisi .O. Emmanuel. 
The President of the Youth's Voice Movement. Osun State.

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