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Gobir Shares Manifesto 'The State of Kwara'

By Adedayo Said

The Young Progressives Party (YPP) governorship candidate in Kwara State, Waziri Yakubu Gobir has explained how his plans to ignite industrialization in Kwara State. 

Gobir said his manifesto informed through a NEEDS assessment with present will address the numerous challenges facing Kwarans.

He said he will place Kwara State on the path of industrialization, development and sustainable development, when elected as Governor.

"56 years ago our dear state was created. Looking around Kwara today, every sincere person will agree that the state is currently performing far below its potential. For a state rich in mineral, agricultural and human resources, Kwara has derailed from the promise it once had — as the State of Harmony and a state of multi-level prosperity.

"From crisscrossing the state, it is clear that the average Kwaran now lives in abject poverty. The local economy has progressively deteriorated, leaving our youths to grapple with a multidimensional crisis — unemployment and underemployment both of which have criminality on several levels. Kwara State’s trans-generational plight has spurred me to consider the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” In light of this, I have decided to take action by providing our people with an alternative — and not just any alternative — the best alternative.

"All my life I have dedicated myself to serving our people. Through several initiatives such as the Gobir Organization Foundation — I have contributed my quota to making life a bit better for our people. But there is only so much one individual can accomplish.

"I strongly believe that my antecedents over the years have gone ahead to speak for my hard work and relentless efforts in driving development across the state. In light of how much I have been able to achieve personally, I know that what we can achieve with the total backing of the state and with its resources at our disposal will be insurmountable. Together, we shall reinstate Kwara State to its glory days of industrialisation, development and security.

For this reason, I implore Kwarans everywhere to read this manifesto, digest it, and ponder on it. Every word, every line, and every paragraph represents my commitment to changing our story and restoring the pride that we as a people once had in our state. My commitment to our people remains ever true. I will not fail you"

You can read the full manifesto by visiting the link,

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