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Vote To Further Change The Political Narratives In Kwara

By Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo

The moment of decision is here. This election is unlike before.The choice is between freedom and slavery, between development of Kwara State and backwardness of over a decade of democracy. Compare those of us in SDP with other frontline Parties and you will know that we are indeed a credible alternative. Our political antecedents speak for us.

I write as someone that stands for principle and decency in politics. Am available in my books, articles, radio presentations, Party organization for freedom and endurance in the face of all obstacles placed on our way to the desired freedom.

We have seen the performances of others either in sixteen years or four years. Judge for yourself whether we have been fairly governed or not. Godfather in politics failed us in the past; another emerging godfather is a complete darkness.

Those that have never improved our life, compromised our unity in diversity, turn governance to family business in Kwara, weaponized poverty to keep us in bondage, paralyzed the local Government administration for the purpose of stealing, legislators that cannot protect the interests of their people by checking the excesses of the Executive but misused legislative watch-dog power to run errand boys for Governors are really unfit for office again.

My advice: do not vote for them or you need to vote them out. The more you look at their direction, the more you become an accomplice of our gory story of political, economic and social stagnation of Kwara State.

At least I have said my own. You are also helping the situation if you broadcast this message and let it travel wide.

Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo.

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