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The Dilemma Of Bolaji Abdullahi By YUSUF Mubaraq Authority

As the clock continues to tick, with a few days counting to the general election, the reality that he would be defeated by landslide in the Kwara Central senatorial election remains the worry of Bolaji Abdullahi, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Thoughts of this imminent loss have occupied his mind so much that he struggles to pay attention these days. To be fair, this didn't start today. The PDP candidate had lived in fear and anxiety right from the day he knew he'd be competing against a heavyweight in the person of Saliu Mustapha.

The wide acceptance of the candidacy of Saliu Mustapha, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has continued to cause unrest in the camps of his opponents, Abdullahi's inclusive..

Knowing fully well that he does not stand a chance, he had repeatedly let out the frustration in his media interviews and writings.

How will someone stand a chance when chants of "Sai Saliu" continue to echo across the length and breadth of the state? What about the rousing welcome when he visits members of his constituency or the testimonial of his impactful interventions on the lips of all and sundry?

All these are enough to make an opponent disinterested in the race. Abdullahi, as pictured here, seemed to have thrown in the towel.

Despite being a former commissioner and minister of the Federal Republic, the ordinary people could hardly connect with Abdullahi because he did not come through for them when he held sway in those positions.

The obnoxious policies introduced as a commissioner and the disdain for teachers made him unpopular. How on earth can you seek an office to represent people who you are disconnected from?

But in all of these, If you ask me, Abdullahi is a smart person. He knows he cannot win the election. There are even reports that he had confided in his close circle, admitting that there is no way he could win the election against the Turaki from all indications. 

He only needs to summon the courage as if everything is fine. And that's his dilemma.

One of his pictures, which emerged recently on social media where he was at an event with the Turaki in Michael Imodu Institute of Labour Studies, says it all. Abdullahi is deeply worried. He couldn't even hide the worry when he came in contact with his fellow contestant. It was all written in his demeanour. His look conveys hopelessness, acceptance of defeat, worries and many more. 

But the dilemma for him is just that he has to soldier on as if everything is fine. It's a big dilemma for him.

Come February 25, the reality would dawn on Bolaji Abdullahi because Kwara Central residents will speak loudly against him and what he represents.

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