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'Collect Their Money But Do The Right Thing, Vote For Me'- Asoju Odo Tells Electorates

By Adedayo Said
The House of Reps Candidate of the Young Progressives Party YPP for Irepodun/Isin/Ekiti/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency Charles Olufemi Folayan has advised the electorate to collect what belongs to them from politicians but do the right thing during the poll. 

Addressing the YPP party faithfuls and supporters at Oke-Onigbin in Isin local government area yesterday, the youth activist said candidates who have no value except money are believing that people would vote for them once they give them money at the detriment of the consequences. 

Asoju Odo maintained that, politicians ochastrated the current hardship and high level of poverty among the people in other to make their money attractive to them during the electioneering. He added that they are distributing crumbs out of the much they have taking from the public purse. 

He advised the people to collect what belongs to them from those who have taking so much from our commonwealth but should never be distracted from doing the right thing at the poll by voting for him and other candidates of the Young Progressives Party YPP. 

The former presidential aide said Irepodun/Isin/Ekiti/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency cannot afford to remain in the hand of the current handlers and should not be allowed to slip into the hands of stooges again. 

He was quoted "The coming election is an opportunity for us to set ourselves free from deceivers who treats us like slaves, we should not also allow stooges to take over again. Some candidates have no value to add to your lives but they have a lot of ill gotten money they are ready to throw around to confuse you to vote for them. That's why they ochastrated hardship and poverty everywhere, with the aim that it would make you jump at their money. 

"I would not tell you to reject their money because it’s your money that they cornered to themselves, so let them give it to you. But please don't let that distract you to do the wrong thing. Collect your money from them and vote for me and other YPP candidates during the poll.

"This constituency can not afford to remain in the hand of the current handlers and we can't allow it to slip into the hand of stooges of godfather again. The lack of development here is not only due to the kind of people we elected in the past but also because of the godfather that have held control on them. 

"I have consistently speak out for the people, my aspiration is all about you. I have led the youth to challenged the previous administration and their godfather over poor performance and we joined other to end their reign. We also challenged the current administration again for so many failures including their failure to conduct local government elections and give the grassroots people what truly belong to them. The undemocratic way of running the local government has aggravated poverty level especially at the grassroot. 

"Today, we are in YPP because the youth agreed that we should put forward one of us to fight for our rights and interests. I’m in the race to get the dividends of democracy to the grassroots directly, to create jobs, spread the wealth across and end poverty. 

"We need the support of the young and the old to achieve this. We strongly believe it would be done because the mercy of God is upon us.

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