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Asoju Odo Takes Campaign Tour To Alla And Edidi Wards, Promised To Maintain Prudent, Philanthropic Lifestyle When Elected

By Adedayo Said

The YPP House of Reps Candidate for the Irepodun/Isin/Ekiti/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency Charles Olufemi Folayan has promised to maintain prudent lifestyle when elected. 

Addressing supporters during his campaign tour to Alla and Edidi wards in Isin local government today, Folayan said recurring decimal in the lifestyle and attitude of the political elite class is their tendency for profligacy and an absolute lack of discipline in their moral and ethical conducts as public servants. 

He said, many of the politicians who are supposed to exhibit frugality and conscientiousness in the manner they handle the public trust reposed in them have shown themselves to be untrustworthy, wasteful and consumed by the selfishness to gratify obscene personal desires. 

“As much as there can never be enough resources to solve all the problems, it is critical for any leader intent on achieving true progress to be resourceful and prudent in their management and optimisation of the resources available to them.

“My upbringing helped me to inculcate early the virtue of discipline and self-control; that innate ability to not get carried away and be distracted by frivolities at the expense of the good that should be done and prioritised for the betterment of all and so, I am firm in my resolve to operate with the strictest sense of responsibility, self-control and prudence possible in all my undertaking and engagement as the people’s representative. 

“A young mentee of mine once pointed out to me a nice-looking SUV, asking that I buy it for myself, I looked at him and pointed right back to the Asoju Odo Youth development Centre I had built in my hometown and declared that I took much more delight in devoting the same resources with which I could have purchased the said car to doing something more meaningful to the people of my community.

Such is the mentality and mindset I am determined to continue to live by as the House of Reps member and beyond. Only prudent leader can help the situation of our people. 

Some of the people contesting elections today can only point to their personal cars and houses as their achievement. They have never impacted anyone’s life in their community since they started making their millions, yet they jumped at party ticket for reps and are seeking for the votes of the people they never care about for years.

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