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Charles Folayan Is The Candidate For All -Community Youth Leader

By Adedayo Said

Youth across different political parties at Isapa Ward in Ekiti Local Government Area of Kwara State yesterday openly declared their support for the candidate of the Young Progressives Party Charles Olufemi Folayan.

Folayan who paid a visit to the YPP members in the ward was joined at the meeting by other community youths led by the community youth Leader Chief Idowu Sunday Rufus, the Akeweje of Isapa land. 

Akeweje led scores of youth across political parties to welcome Asoju Odo. He said they came to attend the meeting with Asoju Odo because of their long time relationship with him and to declare their support for his aspiration. He described Folayan as a consistent youth leader who has always been in the fore front in fighting for youth’s right and development. He recalled his effort during the Otoge Revolution in 2019.

“Many of the people here are surprised to see me and my people here because they know we belong to different political parties but I will clear that now. Charles is not a candidate for you people in YPP alone, he is the candidate of the entire youth of Kwara State. He led us very well in Kwara Youth Stakeholders Forum KYSF and also the Kwara Alliance for Buhari Osinbajo KABO. He gave us a voice we no longer have now. 

“Today he is running for election in YPP. Posterity would not judge us right if we fail to support him. He is one of our own that we can beat our chest for because we are confident that he would perform well. I hereby endorse him for all to see and urge everyone to support and vote for him. 

In his speech, Charles Folayan expressed appreciation to the entire youth of Isapa ward, he assured them that he would provide adequate representation and attract enough opportunities for the young people, women and men when elected. 

Asoju Odo said he is in the race to bring real dividends of democracy to the people at the grassroots. He said the challenges confronting the youth which includes poverty, unemployment, poor education and many others does not spare anyone from any political party, it’s a general problem that the youth must stand up to stop. 

“I appreciate everyone here for your support, please be rest assured that I would provide adequate representation and provide opportunities for the youth, women and men, when elected. 

“I’m in this race to take real dividends of democracy to the people at the grassroots. We must rescue ourselves from those who use money to control democracy through different political parties and keep people under their control perpetually. We are not slaves. 

“The challenges confronting the youths today which includes poverty, unemployment, poor education and the rest of them are affecting all the youth across party lines. YPP was formed to address these challenges straight down. I have also published my manifesto at on how we would tackle the challenges when elected.

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