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Tinubu’s Running Mate, Shettima Is Sick, APC Candidates Spend Govt Money- PDP

By Adedayo Said

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday attacked Kashim Shettima, running mate to All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Dele Momodu, Director of Strategic Communications of the Atiku-Okowa Presidential Campaign suggests Shettima is suffering from amnesia.

The spokesperson noted that at a meeting with private sector players in Lagos on Tuesday, the Senator asserted Atiku cannot unite Nigeria when “he has not united his party”.

In a rejoinder, Momodu said “in a moment of deliberate amnesia”, Shettima tried to point fingers at the specks in another man’s eyes while ignoring those in his.

The PDP insists the APC is in total disarray with prominent members openly apologizing to Nigerians for ‘unmitigated disaster”.

Momodu said it took almost forever for the ruling party to constitute its Presidential Campaign Council due to disunity.

“It is very obvious that APC has become completely rudderless and many self-respecting members are jumping ship and being recovered by PDP.”

Momodu stressed that the platform cannot unite Nigerians when they’ve shown disdain for the democratic and voting rights of certain ethnic groups within their domains.

The chieftain said everything about APC and its candidates were shrouded in secrecy and “they are just unable to tell Nigerians the truth”.

“How can Nigerians be expected to place their faith in such mysterious characters?” he quipped.

The PDP dares Tinubu and Shettima to point out businesses they managed successfully, “except living outlandishly on government booty and largesse”.

“How can APC be expected to guarantee the safety of lives and properties?”

Momodu added that while Shettima was Borno Governor, Boko Haram became “an intractable menace Nigeria is yet to fully recover from”.

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