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Saliu Mustapha Is More Valuable To The People Than You, Olokoba Slams Prof. Abubakar Suleiman

By Adedayo Said 

Razaq Olokoba, a former special adviser to the Governor on Student Affair and Labour Matters has berated the Director General of the national institute of Legislative studies , (NILDS), Professor Abubakar Suleiman, over his comments on the failed return bid of Senator Yahaya Oloriegbe.

The don, while speaking during the 2022 Press Week organised by the House of Representatives’ Press Corps’, lamented the inability of Oloriegbe to win the APC  primaries.

It should be noted that Oloriegbe was defeated by Saliu Mustapha, who holds the Turaki of Ilorin title, by over 50 percent.

Meanwhile, Professor criticised the Kwara state Governor for supporting Saliu Mustapha to clinch the ticket, saying the ticket was given to a 'lesser person' on the basis of his academic credentials.

However, reacting to Suleiman's comments, Olokoba said it is ludicrous of the Professor to refer to someone as a lesser human because of their academic qualifications. 

"I was shocked at the comments of the don, who should know better by all standards but has allowed politics to cloud his judgement and perception. It is understandable that the NILDS DG will want to massage the ego of those who invited him but I had expected that he would do so within the confines of logic. Unfortunately, he went off balance. 

It is demeaning to describe someone as lesser because of their academic qualifications. In a system where we are supposed to propagate the importance of education, a Professor has come out to discredit someone because he studied in a Polytechnic. That's so discriminatory and not a hallmark of the scholarship that the don claims to profess as a Professor."

Olokoba further stated that considering the contribution of Mustapha to the community, it is safe to conclude that the senatorial candidate's ND has been more valuable than Suleiman's professorship. 

"I challenge the Professor. What has been his contribution to the state or lives of Kwara state residents? The impact of Mustapha, on the other hand, is felt across the state. Which is more important, is it the degree or the laudable contributions?" 

"Prof. Suleiman has been a Minister and now he's a Director-General of a prominent federal government agency. In all of these, how has he impacted the lives of the people of Ilorin Emirate, not to talk of Kwara Central?" 

"So, what is the worth of an education that's of no value to the people?"
“SOLIU Mustapha who offers credible empowerment is considered to be more educated than someone who offers tokenism as a form of empowerment” 

He then asked Professor Suleiman to apologize for the gaffe and derisive comment, saying it is an embarrassment to his scholarship.

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