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2023: Igbomina/Ekiti Youth Stakeholders Forum Endorses Charles Folayan For Rep

By Adedayo Said

Igbomina/ekiti Youth Stakeholders Forum has endorsed the Young Progressives Party (YPP) candidate, Charles Olufemi Folayan (Asoju Odo), as the next Representative to represent the good people of Irepodun, Isin, Ekiti and Oke-Ero Federal Constituency of the State from May 2023.

According to the forum, We are here today as an organization of young people of the Igbomina and Ekiti origin (The Igbomina/Ekiti Youth Stakeholders Forum) a youth organization registered under the law. 

After months of consultations with numerous youth and students leaders and organizations in our region on the way forward to reposition our constituency and set it for the path of greatness. 

We have decided to take the bull by the horn by making conscious decision and commitment to end various challenges confronting our people and also save the future generations from the calamity that may further befall us if we don’t make the right political decision come 2023.

Fellow young people of Igbomina and Ekiti, the 2023 general elections is at the corner, politicians are going around canvassing the people and present themselves as the best bride. They are deploying all resources to get the attention of the people and to make them buy into their candidacy. 

But the question is how many of them truly understand the problem of the people and ready to solve them? How many of them were here frequently with the people before the election year? How many of them are known for helping the grassroots before the election year? How many of them care about the situation of the youth and student before now? The answer is obvious. 

Now, more than ever, we the Igbomina and Ekiti people needs a grassroots candidate, bold, courageous and visionary leader that would complement the various efforts of our traditional rulers, community development associations, youth and student organizations. We don’t need selfish politicians that are insensitive to the poverty level of the people and we can not allow our constituency to get to the hand of the oppressor again through pseudo candidates and stooges. 

Gentlemen of the press, without wasting much of your time, we are here to announce to you and the general public that we as youth and students of Igbomina and Ekiti here represented by the leaders of the Igbomina and Ekiti Students in all school campuses in Kwara State and community youth leaders, as indicated and signed under this document, have decided to nominate, support and sponsor a candidate from among ourselves to represent us and our interests. We have chosen one of us to be the face of our struggle for the political and economic liberation of the Igbomina and Ekiti people. 

This person we have chosen grew up with us, we can vouch for him, he has been the only one consistently sponsoring youth and student programs in our constituency and Kwara State in the last 10 years with private resources. He has consistently been the voice of the youth and fighting against oppressors for more than one decade in Kwara State. He has made us proud in his engagements in the national and international platforms. He is humble, skilled intelligent, articulate and resourceful enough to represent our constituency at the National Assembly. 

We are glad to let you know that the person is no other person but Asoju Odo Charles Olufemi Folayan, House of Reps Candidate of the Young Progressives Party YPP. He is a man with impeccable character and his record and antecedent speaks volume. 

For the sake of people who might like to know why we endorsed him as the most qualified for this job and the only hope we have for good governance and grassroots empowerment among the candidates of all the political parties, we would like to state as follows;

1. That we have examined all the 2023 candidates of all the political parties for the House of Representatives of Irepodun, Isin, Ekiti and Oke-Ero Federal Constituency.

2. We have listen to the presentation of their plans at some fora and look at their level of capacity to represent us at the green chamber. 

3. We also look at their antecedent, personal relationship with the people even before politics and their contributions to the youth and community development thus far.

4. We find out that Charles Olufemi Folayan ticked all the dots and is the most suitable to represent the people. 

5. Charles Folayan as a student leader in the Ekan-Nla Student Union, Federation of Oke-Ero Student Union, National Association of Kwara State Students and the Kwara Youth Stakeholders Forum contributed immensely to the youth and student struggle. 

6. Charle Folayan as the Executive Director of the Re-Orientation Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria RAN facilitated development programs and projects to his constituency and beneficial to the youth and students. 

7. Charles as the Supervisor of the Federal Government Trader Money Program in Kwara State, facilitated the benefit of the program to the people of his constituency. 

8. Charles as the Technical Assistant in the Presidency facilitated employments, trainings and education opportunities for the youth of his constituency and Kwara State. He operated an open door policy such that his office in Abuja was a meeting point for many Kwara Youth. He is always available to help and connect the youths. He also ensure that youth from Kwara state are included in many national and international programs of the federal government. 

9. As the Co-Coordinator of the Kwara Alliance for Buhari/Osinbajo in 2019 and the Secretary of the Presidential Campaign Council (Youth Mobilisation) in Kwara State, Charles ensured that campaign and support materials were distributed across the 16 local governments area of Kwara State. 

10. Charles also established the Asoju Odo Youth Development Center Ekan for free vocational training for youths since 2020. And also the Asoju Odo Football Team and Asoju Odo Cooperative for the development of youth and women even from his private resources. 

11. Charles is a young man who relates freely with every youth in Kwara State in respective of their ethnic, religion or political party affiliation. He is the one we know that also knows us very well. 

12. As at today, Charles Folayan is the only candidate for the House of Representatives in his constituency that have publicly presented and published his blueprint (manifesto) 

13. We can not also take for granted the recent testimony of our Elder, the National President of Omo Ibile Igbomina Elder G Y Jimoh about the goodness of his father (Late Oba M A Folayan the Elekan of Ekan who reigned between 1974 - 2007. It’s an evidence that he came from a good and reputable family. 

Gentlemen of the press, Charles Olufemi Folayan records is obviously unbeatable, hence our resolution to nominate, endorsed and sponsor him. 

We are doing this as people from different political parties because we prioritize the quality of candidates in the 2023 general elections above their political parties. 

We have agreed to dedicate ourselves and all resources of our organization from now on to support the campaign of Asoju Odo for Reps. 

We hereby call on all the youth and students of our constituency to support and vote for Charles Olufemi Folayan (Asoju Odo) of the Young Progressives Party YPP for the House of Reps in the coming 2023 general elections. 

We also dedicate our account details (Igbomina/Ekiti Youth Stakeholders Forum Account Number 2252059117 with the United Bank for Africa UBA) to raise funds for his campaign. 

Conclusively, we want to specially urge all Stakeholders and resourceful eminents of Irepodun, Ekiti, Oke-ero and Isin constituency to support our candidate’s project (Asejere2023) with funds, materials, morals and prayers.

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