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Alaanu Mekunnu: YPP Guber Candidate Pledges To Lift 20,000 Kwarans Out Of Poverty In Three Months

By Adedayo Said

The Gubernatorial candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) in Kwara State, Waziri Yakubu Gobir has flagged off a poverty alleviation program targeting 20,000 beneficiaries. The multi-million-naira fund is expected to support the most vulnerable communities and individuals across the state.

Speaking to newsmen in Ilorin, Gobir emphasized the need to prioritize social investments and capacity building to turn the tide on a festering economic crisis. “Micro, small and medium scale enterprises are the backbone of any economy. While I have supported Kwara entrepreneurs and small businesses through social investments over the years, this fund seeks to scale the impact by targeting the most vulnerable segments of society with economic palliatives which address the widening equality gap.”

Popularly known as ‘Alaanu Mekunu’, Gobir’s initiative comes on the back of similar programs implemented by the Gobir Organization Foundation over the past five years, which has empowered tens of thousands of Kwarans through interest and collateral free loans, subsidized agro inputs, healthcare funds and medical outreaches; as well as entrepreneurial capacity building initiatives. 

With a soft launch in September 2022, the Alaanu Mekunnu targets all Kwarans in need, irrespective of ethnicity, political affiliation, religion or status. Till date, over 38,000 applications for social support have been received, with 10% of the earmarked funds disbursed thus far. 

Speaking on the dearth of data around socially vulnerable persons, Gobir further stated, “I dare say this is the first real attempt at building a cohesive, reliable social register as far as Kwara State is concerned. The current administration has attempted to implement a social investment program with minimal successes. This is to be expected if we continue to embrace non-data driven approached to solving the poverty problem.” 

Alaanu Mekunnu estimates a population reach of 100,000 registered applicants by January 2023, with the goal of impacting over 20,000 beneficiaries. The campaign which took off from Ilorin East local government area saw a teeming crowd of thousands of supporters turn up for the candidate. According to party executives, the campaign train is set to move to Asa, Ilorin West and other LGAs in coming weeks. 

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