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2023: Why Majority Of PDP Chieftains Won't Vote Bolaji Abdullahi For Senate- Party Member, Manjo

By Saka Abdulganeey Manjo

Saka Abdulganeey Manjo, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party in Kwara state and public affairs analyst, has said most of the party members who should support the senatorial ambition of Bolaji Abdullahi will not.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with Just Event Online, Manjo cited Abdullahi's betrayal of the party and the Saraki dynasty in 2019 and other factors as the reasons.

It should be noted that Abdullahi is contesting in the 2023 Kwara Central Senatorial election against the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate, Saliu Mustapha.

However, Manjo stated that the odds appear to favour the APC candidate, considering Bolaji Abdullahi's past deeds and poor performance in office.

"Let me make this very clear. The voting pattern will be unique and away from the past. This is because eligible voters, as much as they will gravitate towards the party with programmes, will slightly sway allegiance to candidates. They will consider the strength of the candidates’ character, popularity and other factors."

"As of today, we mustn’t lie to ourselves to know that the APC candidate has never been an S.A, neither was he a commissioner and was never a minister but has his impact touching almost every nook and corner of Kwara state hence I ask Mallam Bolaji what he used his opportunities for, self-enrichment?!" Manjo said during the interview. 

He also mentioned that Abdullahi does not enjoy full support from his household or ward. 

"Shall we also talk about the remaining self-centred ones around Bolaji right from his family members? A senatorial candidate of the PDP whose biological sister is also the PDP women leader in the state, both of that biological brothers, Muhammad Abdullahi, is on the campaign council of the APC and has been opposed to all reasons and pleas to drop the position. So, if your brother does not believe in your ambition, who else should? And what moral right do you have to demand loyalty and support from the average members of the party? If Bolaji Abdullahi was a good man, it is from his home front we would know."

Manjo further said Abdullahi's role in the 2019 election contributed to the fall of the Saraki Dynasty, a political fold headed by the former Senate President Bukola Saraki.

"Yes! Shall we also talk about Mallam Bolaji’s actions and inactions that contributed to the partial fall of the Saraki dynasty in the last election? He, his sister and a close circle of self-centred cabals were responsible for the fall of the PDP in 2019 simply because they were not given tickets."

Manjo noted that top PDP members, who ordinarily should back Abdullahi, have been reluctant because of the lack of trust.

This, the PDP member said, would give a popular Mustapha an edge over Abdullahi.

"Where’s Rasaq Atunwa today? Is he not supposed to be leading this campaign for Bolaji Abdullahi? Where are Dr Abubakar Kannike, Alhaja Sarat Adebayo, Alhaji Olanrewaju Babareke and so many others including Bolaji Abdullahi’s former Political Adviser from Commissioner to Ministerial days, Alhaji Abdullahi Zarumi who is a member of PDP presently championing Turaki’s senatorial campaign in Oju-Ekun Zarumi and other neighbouring wards?

All of these people, if they have a choice in confidence between Bolaji Abdullahi and his opponent in the APC, Saliu Mustapha, would all pick Saliu Mustapha! It is that bad!" he said.

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