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The Video Deji Uploads To Discredit Gov. AA Only Trashed Him As Sponsored

By Adedayo Said

A Good Analyst won't Upload a Propaganda Video Publish on Facebook by PDP Media Boys to Rate a Government.

Sometimes people look big in the distance until their content reveals their intellectual weight. The good thing is that when you narrate your case like a fool; the judge won't analyze the case like a fool.

Everyone seems to be talking on a post of one Deji Adeyanju discrediting Gov. AA but I was shocked to find a video made by some Kwara PDP media boys uploaded by the same Deji as a point of reference to discredit Otoge move.

If Deji Adeyanju is operating at the level of using the media propaganda video we have seen on the Facebook page of a PDP data boy weeks back to attack a state government: I won't understand why people are taking Deji more seriously than those PDP data boys.

No Kwaran should be bothered even if President Biden of America made such a negative comment on the Government of AbdulRahman because it can only come through misinformation. How much more of one Deji Adeyanju that is uploading a video of social media comedians?

One should not expect any serious opinion shaper to base his judgment on PDP media propagandists' 'amateur video' purposely made for a Facebook joke.

It is therefore normal to assume that Deji is just another high-ranking Political Social Media Operator working on a contract or a total ignorant that is only enjoying the luck of fame.

For anyone or Deji to talk about the failure or success of the Otoge struggle, such will first find out what led to the Otoge war in the first place and now come down to confirm if such is being addressed now in Kwara.

Deji would have known problems like Gerigedi salary, half salary, dying education sector, unpaid tertiary school subventions, and allegations of money diversion to mention but just a few, were the problems Kwara voted to stop.

Deji would have known the N2.2bn that the past government was using to pay Gerigedi salary of #18,000 naira and complaining of insufficiency was what the present government used to pay N30,000 full minimum wage in February and March of this year.

I doubt if Deji is a Kwaran to know these, and his outburst only confirmed he is monitoring Kwara through Facebook and Twitter posts of his old friends.

Someone needs to tell Deji that unlike in the past when the main interest of the government was to do window dressing and Kwara governance was only made good on Twitter and Facebook; Gov. AbdulRahman is working on Kwara and physical projects.

Deji should not make us assume he was one of the beneficiaries of millions alleged to be used for social media lies then and that he has resumed the job back. 

We know Oga had a strong media crew as SP and may still be maintaining them till now. Deji is however giving us the impression that he belongs to Oga’s media boys since he is now helping them share their propaganda video.

The important message is that the world should be told that Deji Adeyanju is only helping PDP media guys in Kwara reshare their campaign propaganda which is normal. What is not normal is for People to mistake PDP Campaign propaganda for a statement of fact.

Importantly, Kwarans should stop taking those who are telling them the opposite of what they are seeing seriously. Thousands of Deji and the likes have no impact in Kwara since we that are seeing what the governor is doing are the ones who will vote in the election.

Bisi Kristien

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