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Stop Misleading The Public, Group Warns Senator Sulaiman Ajadi

A group, the Kwara Awareness Movement, KAM, submitted on Thursday that former Senator  Sulaiman Makanjuola Ajadi’s recent comments and actions  were shocking noting that he has  veered off course. The group also said Ajadi  had suddenly begun to take steps aimed at  jeopardizing the gains made in the State of Harmony on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s watch.

While adding that it was unbecoming for a prominent politician like the former federal lawmaker to make such comments and a volte-face on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq’s scorecard in his three years in office, KAM also said in doing an  about-turn, Ajadi’s belief system has become questionable and moot 

The group in a joint statement issued in Ilorin by its Chairman, Comrade Kamal Adigun and Secretary, Mr Joseph Afolayan urged Ajadi  to  desist from promoting  falsehood   and seeking to mislead members of the public.

‘Until the Kwara South APC senate primary election was held and he could not get party nomination, Ajadi  had praised the governor to the heavens, he had since done an about-turn and the governor is no longer a good-hearted person simply because the former senator could not get the  Kwara South APC  senate nomination.
Apart from his belief system becoming questionable, there is also the issue of credibility. 

He had in the last three years told many among stakeholders in Kwara South that no governor had done a lot for the senatorial district in respect of infrastructure projects like AbdulRazaq, so why saying something different now?

This comes with implications; the former federal lawmaker should realize that Kwarans are not fools and it would be considered as insulting the intelligence of our people to think he can praise someone to the heavens yesterday and begin to castigate him today because of personal interest, this has not shown him as a man of honour’ the group said.

KAM also said it was disappointing that Ajadi, who had once represented Kwara South in the senate, could place personal interest above that of the senatorial district by choosing to attack Governor AbdulRazaq, who had since becoming the governor, made Kwara South his priority.

‘Governor AbdulRazaq has done a lot for Kwara South people in his three years in office  when it comes to infrastructure projects. The senatorial district had an indigene as  governor of the  state  for eight years and we all knew what happened. If Ajadi had truly shown commitment to development and progress of Kwara South, he would have rather joined other well-meaning Kwarans to give necessary supports to Governor AbdulRazaq as he continues his mission to change the face of Kwara.

Just because he has failed to get nominated by the party, Ajadi had suddenly hated the governor with a passion and he has continued to make efforts to taint his image and mislead the public’ KAM added.

The group urged residents and citizens of Kwara state  to take whatever the former federal lawmaker says with a pinch of salt because ‘it comes from a man who is bellyaching and determined to blacken the governor’s reputation’.

KAM also added that the governor had done Ajadi no wrong by showing himself as a true democrat and allowing a level-playing field for all  those who sought to get  Kwara South APC senate nomination.

‘Everyone who stood as Ajadi’s co-aspirants has access to the governor and if he had told  anyone to withdraw from the senate race, people  will accuse him of being dictatorial and he allowed everyone to try their  luck and eventually Senator Lola Ashiru won the APC senate nomination. 

Is it Ashiru that had stood in support of the governor during the intraparty crisis that he will ask to back out from the race or Engineer Nurudeen Adeyemi, who  had left  the United States for Nigeria and had done a lot to empower the Kwara South people? He didn’t even ask his cabinet member, Alhaji Abdulwahab Femi Agbaje to withdraw from the race. It was a level-playing field for all and no one among the former aspirants left the party except Ajadi’ the group submitted.

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