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Waziri Gobir Dumps APC, Pick Guber Form Under YPP

The former chieftain of Kwara State All Progressives Congress, and foremost businessman, Waziri Yakubu Gobir on Wednesday, declared his intention to run for the Kwara Governorship seat comes 2023 under the Young Progressive Party YPP.

Alhaji Gobir made this known to the Newsmen at the YPP secretariat office in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Gobir Officially Declares

According to him, Kwara has been in abject penury and insecurity, whilst very few corner the commonwealth and hold the rest hostage, politics has become a criminal enterprise, where only the most corrupt thrive.

He lamented how he ushered in the 2019 elections for the current APC government, at both state and federal levels. But he become disillusioned with Nigeria’s leadership selection process.

He said ‘democracy’ is an expensive and inefficient exercise which has been hijacked by moneybags in an illegitimate process that cannot produce a legitimate outcome.

“It is a need to be on the right side of history that explains my decision to leave the All Progressives Congress, and to deploy all my resources and God-given talent to build a platform for young men and women to express themselves, to vote and be voted for, and more importantly to take charge of their own destiny. That platform is the Young Progressives Party – YPP.”

He further explained that two key ingredients must co-exist for a thriving democracy anywhere in the world -equality and active citizen participation. In his words, Kwara State has never been more divided than it is at this very moment.

Alhaji Gobir said,” I am a firm believer in the power and potential of the youth if properly harnessed, as a force for good. Contrary to the intentionally distorted picture painted of Nigeria’s youth, you are not a ‘coconut-head’ generation consumed only by drugs, keeping up appearances, internet crime, and all sorts of desperate ‘get rich quick schemes. The ‘ O to ge’ movement which you successfully led in 2019 was an eyeopener for many Kwarans, but what happened to you afterwards?

“Sometimes, I feel guilty that I have let my children down. Not because I am in any way complicit in the crimes that are being committed by our leaders against this young generation, but because I do not think I have done enough to save them.”

The gubernatorial elections in March 2023 will be a referendum on the current administration of this state. Anybody relying on ‘Federal might’ to impose an unwanted candidate on the people, should perish the thought. We will not stand for it.

He, however, said After deep reflection, prayers and consultation, he has decided to offer himself in service of the good people of Kwara by vying for the Office of Governor of Kwara State on this great platform of young progressives.

He appealed to the general public to get their PVC at their pulling unit, as a weapon to fight the battle ahead.

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