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70% Of Nigerian Politicians Are Lunatics –Obi

Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has described 70 per cent of Nigerian politicians as lunatics.

He made this declaration, yesterday, at the Men of Valour conference with the theme: “Navigating the corridors of power, the church, and the politics” organised by the Revival House of International Church (RHOGIC), Abuja.

He said only a lunatic would steal N80 billion of citizens money for personal use because he is privileged to be in government. He said most politicians in corridors of power have no reason to be there, warning that unless lunatics are flushed out and competent people voted in, the country would continue to suffer.

“We can’t allow this gangsterism to continue. Nigerians should take back their country. 70 per cent of those who are in politics today should not have any reason to be there. I have said it, politics in Nigeria is a case where lunatics have taken over the asylum. This is the only country where the worst is leading. I was a trader and gradually entered into politics. When you take far more than you need you are sick. 

“How do you explain that one person took N80 billion; it is not greed, it is sickness. When you take N1 billion that is greed, but when you take N80 billion that is sickness. Mad people have taken over our politics. If we get young people with the competence and capacity to be there, things will change.”

On whether a third force can wrest power from the powerful duo of All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the former Anambra State governor said only the people that would vote have the final say on the issue.

“It is about the people. When I contested as governor in Anambra, I did so in a small party. People told me that I had no structure. People are the structure. When I was a governor in Anambra, my party had no state or federal lawmaker.

“When I left as governor, no state was financially stable as Anambra. We were not owing anybody. The people will decide who will rule them. Luckily we have eights months, let people come and tell you how they have started. Come and tell us, don’t use people or glossy paper, tell us from your mouth so that we can hold you to account.”

On the 2023 general elections, Obi, said prayers alone cannot salvage the country. 

“We have prayed enough, it is time to act. With these people in power? You can pray from now until anytime, they won’t go until you chase them out. So it is time to act, not just pray. It is time for us to close the church and deal with these people.” 

Obi also urged the youths not to make a profession out of politics. 

National secretary of Young Peoples Party (YPP), Vidiyano Bamaiyi, also claimed 75 per cent of politicians in Nigeria are political bandits.

“Political bandits that have taken over Nigeria, most of them have no business being there. Political bandits and brigands have taken over the political space.”
Senator Albert Bassey said only through direct primaries would the country eliminate money politics saying, “going forward, Nigerians should vote for candidates and not party.”

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