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KWHA 2023: Why I Joined The Race -Ex Just Event Online Reporter, Rukayat Shittu

Former Reporter of Kwara Online news medium Just Event, Rukayat Shittu has declared her intention to run for the 2023 Assembly on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Rukayat in her declaration speech explained that Owode/Onire State constituency needs a new kind of representation that will be truly representative, participatory.

Her declaration speech in details;

The 2023 election is not just like the usual elections; it is a referendum to decide whether we want greatness or not. 

It is a choice between two paths - the path of sustainable development or the path of division and backwardness.

In the legislative arm of government, which is the bedrock of democracy, Owode/Onire State constituency needs a new kind of representation that will be truly representative, participatory, and give priority to policy and legislation that would enhance the well being of the people.

In the past years, that I have been on media activism, I already have firsthand information about the situation of our people in the Owode/Onire constituency.

Aside from being a media practitioner, working with the famous Online Media House in Kwara State, ‘Just Event Online’, I was elected and served as the first female Senate president for the Congress of the National Open University Of Nigeria, cumulatively I ensure quality representation in about 85 study centers across the federation.

Legislative work for me is, therefore, a career, nurtured by experience, and passion to serve the common and public good, rather than a desire to prosper individual interest.

As a native of Manyan in the Onire district, my village has never been opportune to represent our constituency, Owode/Onire, but I am confident in my ability to deliver inclusive governance if allowed to serve. 

I am hereby inviting every well-meaning individual within our ever progressive party, APC and within my constituency, Owode- Onire to join me, as we seek a historic opportunity to redefine representation. 

I don’t have to be the best indigene of Owode/Onire to represent her, but I should be wise enough to bring together the most qualified people to work with them, banking on the guidance and wise counsel of our hard-working elders and community leaders, both male and female.

I would also be the representative of the youths and women.

I believe that the very reason why the Almighty Allah gave me the experiences, the insights, and the opportunities I had, is that they must be put to the use of our dear constituency, Kwara State, and Nigeria at large and I will not hesitate to do just that if given the opportunity.

This is why I am today, with utmost humility, formally declaring my intention to run for the Office of the honorable representing Owode/Onire State Constituency on the platform of our great party, the All Progressives Congress.

If by the grace of God, the wise choice of our party APC, and the will of the people, I am allowed to represent our people, I will be guided by the four cardinal responsibility of a lawmaker, which includes representation, legislative advancement, executive oversight, and constituency outreach.

1. Representation

Apart from the fact that I am to represent the constituency, which makes me a link between Government and the people, I will convey quarterly stakeholders engagement to harness wisdom, suggestion, and recommendation from our people, which will touch on every key issue and form my position that would be advanced at the Kwara State House of Assembly.

2. Legislative Advancement

One of my primary duties is to propose a review of existing laws, advance motions, and bills to legislate on issues affecting society, which I pledge to do as much as I can. But in addition to this, I will also commit myself to reviewing the impact of existing legislation to ensure all laws are being implemented as intended.

3. Executive Oversight

Executive Oversight is a necessity, particularly in ensuring budgetary provisions are implemented in line with laid down rules and regulations.

My oversight activities will not only be on projects but also on processes. I am convinced that effective oversight, particularly in the civil service will lead to transformation in the quality of governance.

4. Constituency Outreach

Constituency Outreach, even though not a core responsibility for the legislative arm, will be a major focus during my stay in the house if elected. Understanding that rural communities have long been denied many necessities of life, my constituency outreach will involve basic community projects, social amenities, empowerment, etc.

I will make sure that my compassionate mind reflects the trust that the people instill in me.

This campaign is not about me; it is about you; it is about the future of this constituency. Let our stories be told for generations to come, our journey will not end at the poll; we will get to work and ensure quality representation. 

This is what we owe Owode/Onire constituency, Kwara State, and the future generation.

Thank you and God bless

Rukayat M Shittu
Kwara State House of Assembly
Owode-Onire State Constituency
ASA Local Government Area, Kwara State.

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