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Yeketi And Its Products: The Indivisible And The Family Spider Webs

By Arikewuyo Ajao 

IBasheer Bello once said, "Silence is not the best answer for the fool who has decided to rewrite your history.

Yeketi house has been exisisting for more than hundred years ago and the family has been enjoying mutual relationship for development of the ancient house.

What does a fool write?” 

This wise saying prompts this pithy warning to some trolls in Kwara politics that politics should not mixed with family matters. 

In Kwara, specifically in Ilorin, many families are multipolitical and have different political values, yet they maintain normalcy in the family and facilitate mutual understanding.

Today, the gains of politics spread in these families, and all members of the family with these differences lovely consume the banquet together.

The saraki family is a good example for the less experienced ones in politics. 

Ilorin is known for the peacekeeping and family ties management. 

If one sees otherwise, one suspects double crossers and traitors of the family. 

This is of no different in Yeketi's family, which is one of the respected households in Ilorin.

From the day I know the family, they are men of integrity, honesty and acumen.

 It's youths are academically ambitious, politically productive, socially responsible, peaceful and it's women are well respected in the town.

I don't think a total stranger like one Kehinde 'Iku' using the name of the family then turn around to go on press to and tarnished the good image built many years back by great forefathers of Yeketi family all because of the peanuts put into his pocket and feeds him with the chicken by the disgruntled elements in politics and family destroyers.

Yeketi family were known to be a discipline in Agbaji quarters and entire Ilorin emirate, they are obedient and respect the elders and the youths.

I was disappointed during my findings when I came across one obnoxious article full of absurdity from a futile guy.

I wonder how could such a total stranger who is an ordinary Spider Webs in Yeketi's compound.

I wonder how could a such ingrate fellow be allowed to exist and claiming to be a member of the great family.

In the journey of my ivestations, it was obvious the evil author named 'Kehinde Lambe' a.k.a 'Iku' was brought up on the symphatetic ground to Yeketi family by Alhaja maronike the Eldest daughter in Yeketi family with the hope that he would be a humble and respected pigeon.

 Unfortunately for these good hearted people of Yeketi, a total betrayer was nurtured, entrenching him made him feel arrogant to the family. 

His fantasy is to bring down successful men and women of the respected family in the name of politics. 

Once again, it's oblivious that many families in Ilorin are multi-political and the family remain united for the progress of the family.

Nothing wrong with brothers having diverse political views and ideology.

The dynasty (Saraki) he is pretending to defend has two siblings enjoying the political proceeds from different political parties under the same family roof.

Can Kehinde Lambe for once tell the public where Gbemi of APC and his brother, Bukola of PDP have ever uttered disastrous language against each other in the name of political differences? 

What a senseless writer l a.k.a 'Iku' as he usually called by his political thuggs.

Let’s quickly check the Yeketi family book of history and to enlighten the general public about the real history of Yeketi Family. 

The forefathers and founder of Yeketi dynasty, Baba Yeketi himself gave birth to three children namely Aliu Balogun who is eldest, Na-Allah and Salamat.

These are the three lineages in Yeketi family. 

Since the lady among the ladies would to join another family due to marriage, the duo of Aliu Balogun and Na-Allah are entrusted with responsibility of the continuance of the this respected family. 

Late Aliu Balogun is the grand father of the renowned politician, Engr. Musa Yeketi while the incumbent Magaji of Yeketi dynasty, Alhaji Uthman Animashaun Yeketi is of Na-Allah descent.

In the those days, late Alhaja Maronike Singinni who was an elder sister to the present Magaji of the family, Alhaji Uthman Animashaun Yeketi, later married to Singinni family at Okekere quarters.

She brought Kehinde's father, Mr. Lambe (a.k.a Baba beji) from a village called Okó/Kolofoh in Alapa after Ode-Giwa village to Yeketi compound as her farms labourer. 

Taye and Kehinde was not born at Yeketi house, the labourer called, Mr. Lambe came along with his two kids (twins).

Kehinde (a.k.a Iku) remains in the house as an adopted child.

Iku's father, Mr. Lambe was given temporarily an abandoned room in the compound because he was not a bonafide member of the family.

His squarting father's longevity with the family makes 'Iku' think he is a bonafide member of the family and in view of this believing he entitled to bear Yeketi family name.

The snail is unaware he isn't a ruminant bovidae.

A constructive exploration of his background would have revealed this to him if he had cared to know.

Kehinde could have known his root in the family and halt spoiling the name that has benefited him.

According to findings, Kehinde's mother has divorced her husband who was Kehinde at the tender age for another husband.

This prompted Engr. Musa Yeketi to accept Kehinde 'Iku' as an adopted boy. 

According to one of family Sources said Engr. Musa Yeketi fought for him to get a temporary room accommodation in Yeketi's compound after the demise of his father when the whole family stood up against him.

The source added that Kehinde 'Iku' cannot point at any member of the family as his blood relation let a lone living or dead members of the family.

 The source further said which of the three aforementioned lineages can Kehinde mention as one of blood relation in the family or as the same father or mother or share same grandparents with in the house.

 Investigations revealed that non of Kehinde's ancestors history could be trace to Yeketi's compound.

Engr. Musa Yeketi is the only facilitator of the only one room he got in Yeketi compound.

"Is it a grave offence for Musa Yeketi to leave PDP for APC?, the source asked.

"Is this ''Iku blind and deaf all these years that politics in our country here is about genuine interest?

If Kehinde Iku could attack Engr. Musa Yeketi, his politically benefactor then is he not a greater saboteur?

"I believe no bonafide true blood member of a family will do this to his brother in the name of politics.

"If truly he is bonafide blood member of the family, definitely Kehinde Sulaiman Lambe a.k.a Kehinde 'Iku' is not in any way related to Yeketi's family and he doesn't have any rights to be addressed as Yeketi any more.

While speaking with the original children of Yeketi family members, some brave men stood up and I identified themselves as members of APC before defection of their father, uncle and brother, Engr. Musa Yeketi to APC and they didn't write anything bad about him while he was in PDP.

It was also gathered that Engr. Musa Yeketi went to his family house to brief his family of his intent to move to APC and get their 
endorsement and gave their support and blessings.

This is a warning to the political novice and ingrate called Kehinde Sulyman Lambe, his senseless writers and kangaroos politicians to find some positive articles on Kwara development.

More senses are kept for some political senseless miscreants like Kehinde if they fail to deter from their dubious political behaviour.

Thanks to the Yeketi family for their maturity played against the stranger called Kehinde and steadfast on their support for true son of the soil, Engr. Musa Yeketi regardless of their Political affiliations.

This shows that Yeketi family is a united one. Hence, the public should disregard the claims of an intruder.

It's high time the family were more conscious of who to adopt as son. Character is flame.

Arikewuyo Ajao is an investigative Journalist.
Write from Ilorin.

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