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Man Who Stole His Cousin’s UK Visa Days Before His Trip Confesses 20 Years Later

A lady described the reasons that stopped her cousin from moving overseas to complete his studies even after obtaining his visa.

Her uncle’s UK visa unexpectedly vanished only days before he was set to travel to the United Kingdom, she said.

According to the lady known on Twitter as Itohan, the incident left her uncle shattered as it marked the end of his dream to study abroad.

Surprisingly, the man’s cousin admitted after 20 years that he was the one who stole the visa out of jealousy.

Itohan shared the story in reaction to another man’s tweet narrating how he preciously guarded his visa after getting it.

In her words;

”His paranoia might seem hilarious but my uncle’s visa varnished some days before he was to travel to UK for school and that was the end of his dream! The thief, his cousin, who was jealous at that time, confessed 20 years later!!! #TrueStory”

Reacting, @absolute_ola said; Law 3 of the 48 laws of power: conceal your intentions. People can’t attack what they don’t know.

@Veekeey7; This is why most people don’t tell people about thier japa plans… Trust me some people can be very wicked

@Francis_Ekha; Whenever I get visa to any Country, I don’t tell any human being on earth until I either get into the Country or back from the Journey, even if just for a two weeks event or conference. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities in high

@chrixs____; Omo, I stayed in Nigeria three months after my visa came out, I’ll always wake up at night to go check up on my passport. The paranoia was real.

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