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Kwara State PDP: A Knife Destroying It's Own Sheath By Opeyemi Taiwo

An adage in Yoruba said and I quote "A knife is destroying it's own Sheath,knife is happy,but the knife didn't know it's already destroying own house. I remember back then in 2018 when PDP in Kwara state was planning for general election,it was decided that they will use consensus to pick all the candidates for each elective position in the state. The leadership of the party picked 80% wrong candidates from State House of assembly,to house of representatives, Senate and to Governorship position,which leads to the mass failure of the party compounding with enough is enough movement from the masses. The funniest part is that most of the so called aggrieved during this period never said anything,some stood with the party why some work against the party underground.

After the 2019 election,the party leadership promise that the next primary election that will come up in the party will be thrown opened and people will vote for there choice candidates, everyone were happy and believe there will be a transformation and transparency in the party selection this time around.We thought they have learnt from there previous mistakes that causes the party  downfall,but unfortunately they didn't,they still went back to there vomit,it's a pity that same thing they did in 2018 it's still repeating itself in 2022,where people are deprived of there right to be voted for in the primaries.

Now Igbomina people are clamouring that out of the three national assembly position in Kwara south,non of it was worthy to come to there side from PDP consensus. Igbomina had a meeting that,it's only the party that pick at least a candidate from there side that they will vote for,now non is going to them from the PDP.

Going to every house of assembly members,many of those that were picked are against the local government party members,but most of them are complaining in silence. Hmmm different year same story.

I have been watching PDP press conference claiming the party is still one and all the contestants has agreed to work together,but let us be truthful to ourselves in the press briefing/ meeting held,how many of the party aspirants that are aggrieved were there?. 

PDP knife need to watch it's sheath,so as not to destroy it beyond repair, because 2023 is just a stone throw,but there can still be amendments. PDP leadership how far?

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