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2023: I Won’t Use Two Years Trying To Decide What To Do, Says Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has promised to heat the ground running if elected as the country’s president in the 2023 poll. 

Osinbajo made the remark while addressing his supporters in Ogun State on Tuesday, explaining that he is prepared for the challenge of leading the country.

“With utmost humility, it is now evident that if there is anybody, any candidate, or aspirant, who on day one can hit the ground running, who on day one knows what to do, who will not spend another two years trying to decide what to do, that person is your son, Oluyemi Osinbajo. That is the objective truth,” he told the supporters.

According to him, in the past years, he has garnered enough experience needed to lead Nigeria.

The former lecturer believes his exposure to the rudiments of leadership sets him apart from the rest.

“After I was appointed as vice-president, I had the unique opportunity of serving under President Muhammadu Buhari, who exposed me to practically every aspect of governance. He exposed me to various things in government, especially sensitive issues in government. I then had the opportunity to serve as acting president on several occasions,” the vice president said.

“I know that governing at the highest levels in our country requires some experience. And after a period of seven-and-a-half years of working as vice-president, seeing what many people have never seen, being able to participate at both local and international levels of governance, being able to tackle very sensitive issues of governance, I know that God didn’t provide those opportunities simply so that I’ll go and sit down and write my memoir. No. God does not make mistakes. He provided those opportunities such that one day, I will be called upon to serve in the highest capacity — to serve as president of our nation.

“The opportunity to do so is an important one. And let nobody tell us any stories about that. The truth of the matter is that everywhere where I have served, I’ve served with utmost loyalty, and commitment. I have put my reputation on the line — sometimes, even life. There is nowhere that those I served will not say I put in everything to make sure they succeed.”

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