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Gov. AA! The Kwara Best Civilian Governor so far!

Apart from Alh. Adamu Attah of the last democratic dispensation before this which someone of my age may not able to say much on; we will be covering the truth if we didn’t confess that the level of developments going on in Kwara today is somehow departing from the status quo.

It becomes strange because there are no special sources of funds apart from what the past governments had access to and the question ‘where is the money coming from?' is in the mouth of many. 

It is therefore not an overstatement if anyone says Gov. AA is the best among Kwara State governors of recent.

Yes! Many have issues with the governor and the political scene has been busy with anti governor crusade that the noises from it is trying to blur all his achievements we are talking about but that can’t change the fact that Gov. AA is leading clearly among the Governors of Kwara State of our age.

It is also in the known that many investigative journalists are digging accurately to expose shortcomings while the social auditing team has picked out pocket of fraud in some cases but all these hasn’t put Gov. AA behind all his known predecessors.

Quality Governance is the combination of structures and processes at and below board level to lead on trust-wide quality performance according to google. It is not a one-man business where one person reserves the dictatorial power to run an organization but where one rules as the head of the bureaucratic setting in which he or she only has a leading role. Google here only inferred that good governance includes ensuring required standards are achieved while Investigating and taking action on substandard performance.

Successfully armed with the knowledge of the nature of the office of the governor; one will agree that the bureaucrat nature of the task execution limits the impact a governor can make without the full cooperation of civil servants under him.

Many shortcomings as earlier exposed by social auditing are therefore feedback that the governor has received due to his innovative introduction of social auditing in the first place. 

The innovations like Social Auditing, CBT-based employment, firsthand assessment of problems, etc. have placed, Gov. AA, as a standing-out governor in the community of governors not to talk of Kwara. 

The physical projects like road rehabilitation, water pipe repairing, classroom buildings, classroom rehabilitation, furniture provision to schools, hospital rehabilitation, equipping hospitals, and then the latest approval of minimum wage called for research on how it was made possible. 

I asked someone how Gov. AA was able to do all these with the same allocation his predecessor was complaining couldn't carry the burden of the 18k minimum wage salary he was paying without any additional task. Where did the money used for these projects come from? How was the money used to pay the 30k minimum wage now raised? His answer is simple. Many of the previous governors or their sponsors see that office as a business investment while Gov. AA sees it as a service to the people.

And truly, if Gov. AA saw the money he used in politics before becoming a governor as investment; he will be carting our billions away by now as returns on investment. That was probably what many did before him that made the fund insufficient. That is what he is not doing that allows him to go this far in performance.

Looking back at the inflows of billions for these 22 years in the light of the job done and considering what is going on within these two years; Kwara would be another compilation of great things if it were like these in the 20 years before Gov. AA.

Thank God for giving this light, in person of Gov. AA. Otherwise, Kwarans wouldn’t have imagine the impact of the darkness in the past and wouldn’t have pray this prayer with all passion now.

God forbid the era of PDP and their lord in Kwara; may Kwara never return to the land of Egypt'

Just passing by and thanking Gov. AA for exposing the gravious waste in the past. You are the best to happen to Kwara Governance of recent.

Bisi Kristien 

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