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No Well-meaning Stakeholders In Kwara APC Will Go Against The Return Ticket Of Gov. AA In Kwara Now By Abayomi Akinwande

By Abayomi Akinwande

Chief Akogun and Co that are Causing Crisis in APC Is Known To Be After Personal Greed. 

The payment of the new minimum wage some weeks ago has settled any doubt that Kwara will vote for Gov. AA second term. This is what everyone has known now. Even those who want to fight Gov. AA in the opposition party have accepted this isn't the right time. For anyone to go on radio as Chief Akogun did and be saying one stakeholder won't support Gov. AA is saying much on his frustrated state of mind.

By now Kwarans have known Chief Akogun and his sponsor are just attention seekers who just want Buni or PMB to come to Kwara and command APC to give them tickets. For example, we overheard Chief Akogun wanting the slot of Senate.

The noises of Chief Akogun on Radio are therefore to create fear in APC National Headquarters until those run to Kwara in panic and command the Governor to force the party to give them the slots eyeing by him and his cohorts.

No one will blame Baba Akogun since it worked for him once as he is now a board chairman which he gets through the same noise. The only issue is if Baba Akogun is given a Senate slot, it is like dashing opposition party the Senate seat of Kwara South.

The thinking is that Alh. Lai will keep on pressing in Abuja and he will be able to steal people's mandate. He believes APC's popularity in Kwara will cover his weakness and he will win but by that deceive everyone that he wins through his popularity.

These categories of politicians have been scamming Kwarans and people outside for a long time now and they believe they are experts in that.

The performance of Gov. AA will only help those people if this crisis is settled. Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo lacked any political value that is useful for voting now. The only usefulness of the like of Akogun Iyiola is to tell big lies on radio and press conferences.

We want to leave but not the one that will destroy the party's chance.

It will pay APC national or state very much to just ignore Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo as if no one is talking.

For anyone to go on Radio now and said one stakeholder won’t work with Gov. AA who has given PDD knock out be fulfilling the promise given by Chief Akogun with the belief that it is impossible during the campaign shows Baba is too frustrated to be reasonable now.

From; Abayomi Akinwande
A Concern Kwaran from Kwara South.

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