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Bye-bye To A Great Man! Alhaji Saibu (Shuaib) Adeniyi Alao Adeyemi Balogun The 2nd Balogun Of Esie Kingdom

...Alakata...okunrin meta...By Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun

Good day to our families and friends across the globe.  

First, my appreciation and gratitude to all. My great Governor HE AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, long may you live. I shall continue to pray for Allah's blessings and protection on you and yours. Thanks for the call(s), yes many calls. Thanks for the words of encouragement. To all the Distinguishes and Honourables that deemed little me worthy of a call or words of encouragement, my utmost gratitude as always. 

To the multitude that showed their love with calls or condolence messages or silent prayers for the reposed, we say God bless you. We pray Allah be with you at your own most difficult of times.

The day has been very surreal and somewhat of a whirlwind. To say that I have fully processed what happened would be my first intentional lie that I can remember. 

In the voice of my Alhaji, Nuru o mo ro pa as I have always owned up to anything that I am truly accountable for. May his soul rest in peace. May Allah deem him worthy of aljanna firdaus as in my heart of hearts that is where he truly belongs.

This is my attempt to share with the world my feelings about my beloved dad. I can't really put into words my true feelings, but I will try.

My Alhaji was a peace loving man while being a boxer at a very young age. Mind blown right?
 A great mediator probably because he observed and learnt from my grandfather as my dad was a son of Arugbo as most of his brothers and sisters were old enough to be his own father or mother.

The family lost a great father, grandfather, and great grandfather. Kabiyesi lost a friend and a confidant. The community lost a man that I truly believes lived for others.

Many sons and daughters of others were raised under Alhaji's roof due to his accommodating disposition.

My Alhaji never saw the need to seek revenge for what he may have thought was a raw deal from others. He truly believed he came with nothing and will surely go back with nothing. 

Despite being denied the opportunity of a formal education as he had school uniform sewn and ready to go until ......long story, he prioritized educational pursuits for the family. 

My Auntie was on the popular village headmaster because he was instrumental in ensuring she attended university. Ruffled feathers in the process.

My Alhaji was ahead of his time as he was somewhat democratic in his disposition. He sought our opinion and guidance on things.
He would even allow me to point out the Sallah Rams that I wanted. He would buy many sallah rams to ensure many in the family enjoy same.

Equity and justice have always been his guiding principles. My Alhaji is happiest when others are happy. He is a man devoted to his faith, his family, his friends, and his community. He built an accommodating large tent.

In short, he was a great guy. May his soul rest in peace. May Allah grant him aljanna firdaus. 
Just had my first moment of truly missing him already.

Love you all. Remain blessed. Wishing the most of blessings for everyone. 

Engr. Nurudeen Adeyemi Balogun

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